Saturday, 5 April 2014

Marc Jacobs, Cath Kidston & Ugg at Bicester Village

If you are a Marc Jacobs fan then get yourself down to Bicester Village as they've just opened up a new shop there.  I am a huge fan of the village, not the least because it is also very close to me but also being the bargain hunter that I am, it does have some great finds.  You can't always guarantee  to find the bargains but I seem to have a nose for them!  It was a very colourful Sunday when I went a few weeks back, the whole place seemed to have that Spring feel.

The Marc Jacobs shop had a full range of products from handbags to accessories and a rail of clothes.  They had his diffusion line; Marc by Marc Jacobs as well as some pieces from his main line. 

My favourite top there, silk £117 from £195 (40% discount)

I wasn't on a mission for much that day, I just went with a friend to catch up and have a browse.  I purchased the below from Cath Kiddston to post to my sister as a little treat and the kind sales assistant gave me some cute paper bags and stickers to wrap them up in, how lovely!  Service like this always impresses me, it's all about that little bit of something extra to make your customers feel appreciated and satisfied. 

Completely not on the look out for a new handbag (but always keeping one eye firmly open) I popped into Ugg who seem to have a bargain bin out of late.  They have been selling off samples at hugely reduced prices.  Having worked in Buying for many years, I am used to samples and a lot are pretty much nearly the finished item, so it never really bothers me.  I spied the below at £35, they had others in the store at £60 but this was a sample.  That day they had 20% off handbags for Mothers Day so I cheekily asked if mine was included.  Yes it was!  £28 for this leather beauty.  My friend said I was mad to walk away but being the Capricorn I am, I do like a little ponder.  It was held for me whilst I wondered around the village.  After putting in a call to the husband and confirming he was in fact planning to go to Tesco that afternoon for my Mothers Day present (nooooo, I need no more aprons or tea-towels with I Love My Mum on) so I said not too, I had found a bargain.  Pennies saved from Tesco bits and invested here instead.  I was lucky enough to still receive some beautiful flowers and cards on the day also.  

I have already used my bag, proof for me it was meant to be if I use it within two weeks of owning.  The body of the bag is nice and light, it's the chain that carries the weight.  I didn't realise until using  it that the chain also clips off so you can thread it through and make it shorter to a little arm strap.  

Jumper; M&S kids cashmere
Jeans; Gap
Boots; Sam Edelman
Bag; Ugg
Lizzie the cat again!


  1. Gorgeous bag Natalie & what a bargain it would have been rude to walk away from that beauty. Love the fact that would can shorten the chain too.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  2. I am well overdue a trip to Bicester Natalie! The Marc Jacobs shop looks fab, a really good incentive to get myself there sometime soon!
    Love the Ugg bag, such a steal for £28! Can't go wrong with that kind of bargain! xx

  3. Oh Natalie, next time I visit you, we have to go !! I need your keen bargain finding abilities. Great new bag-proper bargainous xx

  4. How lucky are you to live so close to Bicester? Great little bag and what an amazing price! I'm having a love-in with crossbody bags right now :)

  5. Lovely bag Natalie, thank goodness you rang home in time! Wish I lived closer, if I made the journey, up to London and out again, you can guarantee the place would be full of shit and to be honest I wouldn't be happy with less than 60% off anything when it often goes half price in a normal sale. Loving that Blue Earthenware, now where is that from?

  6. Yes, I agree Sharon, if you made the trek and there wasn't much in then you would be a tad mad! Off there tomorrow as need to return hubby's boots & look for girls shoes. I love living so close!
    It's a date Avril! x

  7. Yes I think I'd prefer the bag to a tea towel too! But how lucky are you to be near Bicester with all that designer shopping within easy reach. I have the York Outlet but they don't have the big names which I would love to have a nosey and browse at.

  8. What a great bargain Natalie. Lucky you. Loved your photographs x

  9. Such a cute bag Natalie! I have a friend in Oxford & plan to visit in the Summer hols & of course we will end up at Bicester! xx

  10. It's beautiful, when shopping today to see a Marc jacobs bags in a shop, very heart of it.


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