Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Another H&M Round-Up (a very stripey one)

Armed with Glamour magazines 25% off last month I headed back to H&M to return my bikini tops (sob, I love them but when I tried on the bottoms there was just too much bum showing.  Note to H&M please do more options for those of us not blessed with pert bums and don't want them hanging out of our bikini pants).  Apologies, back to what I was up to.  I also went back in to try on the black and white striped dress I featured in this post that so many of you said I was mad not to buy.  Of course, I had a little browse as well.  When I was in Gap recently I was after one of their denim shirts but they just didn't fit right.  In H&M I found one and some more stripes, even though I had said to myself, no more stripes or cardigans Natalie, they are just too easy for you to purchase.  Failed.  The shirt was £19.99, so £14.99 with the voucher and it was perfect in fit, colour & quality.  

I always have a routine in changing rooms.  I leave on what I love and try bottoms/tops on around them.  So  I popped on the skirt.  Wow.  Not only did I love it (and the pockets) but it also worked so well with the shirt, result!  It was £19.99, so £14.99 with the discount.

Patient 2 year old bottom left hand corner of photo (although some app's were deleted from my phone in the process of keeping her entertained, oops)
I then tried to try on another dress.  Why oh why put a tag through the bottom store assistants?!  Please think of your shoppers!  I did get it removed to try on again but I had pretty much made my mind up already.  The length was shorter than the other one which was what I had wanted and a much thicker, less see through fabric.  Winner!  I did have a slight issue with the 'nipple' area.  Unless you are well and truly blessed enough up there, enough to really push out the material then there is the join around the bust area protruding out slightly.  It bothered me and still does.  I need to give it a steam iron to see if that makes a difference.  I didn't even bother re-trying the other dress on as this one felt much more 'me'.  If I do get over the bust area (and I hope I do) then I already have two occasions lined up for it, Ascot and a friends 40th. Down to £24 with the discount.

Tags, arrrrgh!
It needs a damn good press.....
But I loved it's shape none the less
Happy to report I have worn the shirt so much already, it's just hit the wash bin and awaiting an iron but seems to have washed well so far.  The skirt has been ordered in the next size up.  As much as I love it sitting higher, I felt it may be too high so I just wanted to see what the fit was like a size up.  The dress still needs a press, I must do it and return it of not!

When I went back to order the skirt I had a peak around and saw my shirt - low and behold they only styled it with the skirt!  I honestly had not seen it on there before as not ordered from them in a while. Great minds H&M......!


  1. What a fab H&M haul....I love it all! The skirt is styled perfectly with the denim shirt! Gorgeous! xx

  2. OMG OMG OMG I NEED THAT SKIRT but I am on a spending ban - YIKES! It is amazing! I have that denim shirt too - oh no .. now I need that skirt ... wonder if I can rope my mother into a shopping day and then she can buy it for me!!!

    Look amazing


  3. Love that skirt Natalie & it looks gorgeous with your new denim shirt too. A very successful haul made even better with your discount :-)
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  4. Thank you ladies! Fiona, it is just as good in the flesh as well, if you have the shirt......! x

  5. I have the H&M denim shirt and absolutely love it

  6. You look fantastic in that skirt Natalie. What a great haul x

  7. You look absolutely fantastic in the stripe skirt and shirt I love it, I have tried on that skirt but as I am miles chunkier than you it didn't look as good!! How fab are the pockets?! X

  8. I love the shirt and skirt and the dress is a superb shape. H xx


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