Sunday, 30 March 2014

Wardrobe Maintenane Products

As I've previously mentioned, I've been a bit flippant with the pennies of late and seem to have found lots I liked.  Time to stop and take stock.  With that in mind, it's great to have a little wardrobe maintenance.  There are a few things I always recommend my clients have in their wardrobe to help look after their clothes mainly, but also to organise and make it an overall enticing place to spend some time (especially for those who hate their wardrobes but want to start to love them again!).  

Always always always use something to help keep your jumpers pristine where wool is cocerned. Moths have a way of eating them no matter how much you think they can't get in.  I use the tea bag variety thrown in with all mine but I found the below in Aldi for a bargain £1.99.  Check out Amazon as well, they have a huge selection.

Aldi £1.99

If you are struggling with clothes but want to change your ways, add what you love near it.  Be it a picture, pretty hooks, a nice box to keep seasonal items in (scarf, gloves/swimwear, kaftans) or even change the drawer handles or door knobs.  Homebase surprisingly is great for picking up items like this.  Their home wear section always has affordable items, I love the little drawer set below (white, middle of the photo).

Invest in some decent hangers.  Don't use the old wire ones if you have any, bin them now as they do nothing for keeping the shape of your clothes.  The velvet ones below are in Homebase but TK Maxx also sell them in larger packs and different colours.

Organise that beauty drawer!  I use a clear display unit like the below that fits perfectly into my drawers, it was from Ikea.  TK Maxx are now stocking them and they start from £4.99 with a range of sizes.

TK Maxx from £4.99

I'm a rose fan so loved the below, also from TK Maxx but you can find these in most Homeware shops. 

TK Maxx £5.99

I'm also a big hook fan. I have them every where, inside my wardrobe door, on the wall next to my mirror, next to a shelving unit, if there's space, there will be a hook!  Use them for hanging outfits out ready for the next day, putting your scarves, handbags or belts on, hats, the list is endless.  

TK Maxx


  1. I've never had a problem with moths. Is this because the majority of my sweaters are cotton with the odd bit of cashmere thrown in? Does cotton knit not attract them?

  2. Some great ideas here Natalie, I've just had a major sort out & tidy up & it's so much nicer being able to get my clothes in & out without having to fight with my wardrobes!!
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  3. I love this, I do have a thing about tidying, storage boxes and cute little things. I really need a beauty drawer organiser. H xx

  4. I am off to HomeSense tomorrow Natalie....I am now armed with a list! Thanking you kindly for your fabulous tips! xx

  5. I need the moth repellent for sure and have been meaning to buy some clear plastic units for make-up storage so thanks for the reminder x

  6. I have to say, I've not had the moth problem either - I may just be lucky.

    But I love wardrobe organisation tips anyway and it's good to know where I can get stuff. I might be making my own lavender hearts this year for my drawers when it's time to cut back the lavender in my garden at the end of summer.

  7. They only eat animal fibres Helen! But so long as clean and deterrents in there they should be fine. I've been lucky but as I have a lot of wool I have always used things to keep them out. They have ways of getting in & like dark spaces as well!
    Sue - you know what I am going to say - put them in your shop!!! x


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