Monday, 27 October 2014

Out Of Office!

Greetings from Barbados! I'm currently away for our big family holiday and a special someone's wedding.  I'll be back soon but for my regular readers who knew I'd purchased my first swimsuit since school - it was a raging success!  My black strapless one from TK Maxx in Dublin was perfect for my first day by the pool, not baring too much pasty white flesh and being comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Hat: Forever 21
Cover up: Monsoon
Swimsuit: TK Maxx
Bag: Damart

And just for those of you who have the green eyed monster, we are currently into our second day of torrential rain trying to amuse two little ones!  Please post me over some UK sunshine ASAP?!

Friday, 17 October 2014

The Sandals Update (I apologise in advance...!)

1.  For rubbing it in that in a weeks time I will be on the beach and 2. because this outfit has even hurt my head!  But finally, finally I came to a decision.  By the end of last week I was starting to feel better so I managed to put my dress on and actually try the shoes on with it.  So it goes as follows; 

Love these Steve Madden ones but so not right with the dress, too much bulk at the end of my legs
Loved these the most but when I took a step right back to look a far in the mirror, they properly chopped up my already short legs (hence I love to wear a heel to give me some height and make the legs look longer!).  Also prefer a thonged sandal to hold onto my feet better in the sand and heat.  Sorry Steve Madden!
My 'new' Dune shoes bought in January I think - they were about £12 so no telling off for purchasing way out of season with no reason to wear them OK?  I have since found out a little more about the venue and suffice to say, flats it is.
The winners by Office!  Honestly, my pants photo doesn't do them justice.  Apologies, by now I was exhausted with it all and you are lucky to get these semi decent photos!  I liked the nude leather and the jewels were so perfect colour wise it was like they were meant to be.  I definitely have the 'space' for some jewelled sandals in my wardrobe and the thong style is always a plus for me. 
The 'nearly' ones from Mel.  Goodness the smell is so good.  Slight difference in the colours of the two different sizes I ordered but as they were going back that's fine.  I do think I will still try and buy some thonged style ones next year, purely for the baby powder scent, it is too good. 

I was sat by this point!
I promise to share some snaps from the day in my full attire and properly made up.  But my work on this outfit is done, at last!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

The October Shopping List

I am not sure where this year is going, how are we nearly mid way through October already?  I am still not into my Winter wardrobe yet, it's all about the big Summer vacation at the end of this month!  I am however clearing out my wardrobe, getting it ready for some new Winter purchases but I'm more about what needs to go than what I need right now.

The Summer box firmly has it's lid on it but it does need an upgrade to something slightly prettier (originally it was unseen in the loft!)
At one stage this was rammed with handbags...(identical shelves opposite still fairly full but no where near as many as when I first took over this wardrobe!)
The colourful dress and skirts side of my wardrobe, with a load of 'to try on' bits at the end - wardrobes are a work in progress, don't ever over do it all in one sitting.  I've made some big mistakes in getting rid of items purely because I was in that mood and had lost patience with it all.

My October shopping list goes as follows;
  • A fur pom pom hat.  Ideally it would be cashmere with a fur pom pom but I was slacking looking for one in the sales last year and I am not good at paying full price for something.  So we will see!
  • Black jeans - now we are Winter bound, I kinda need to get into searching for these ASAP.  I've been struggling with my Baxter skinnies for a while now as they just sit too low, Gap seems to be better so I need to spend some time in there trying on.
  • Christmas party froc - yep, I need to crack on with this, time flies when you're having fun and my husbands works do is the start of December.  I am considering my stripe H&M skirt below as a starting point to this outfit and re-working it in a different way. 

So what did I buy from my September list?
  • Wedding sandals - tick (will be sharing on another post, it's far too long a thought process to add it to this one....)
  • Um, nothing else but I did randomly buy a hat (£15) from a vintage store and a new vest from one of Mary Portas's Living & Giving shops for £5.  I'm fairly pleased with my lack of purchases actually!

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