Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Classic Lace Top

Just to set the record straight from the start, this isn't a sponsored post, I just seem to be on a bit of a roll with Boden at the moment!  I had my eye on this lace top when they asked me to pick some items to review but it was out of stock.  When they had one of their discount sales it was amazingly back in stock.  It worked out at just over £60 however I had been sent a £10 voucher with one of the catalogues so it was a no brainer.  You know when you open the package and just know you're going to love it and it fits?  This was one of those.  

Top; Boden
Jeans; MiH
Shoes; Bally
It has a detachable camisole underneath (that also has adjustable straps - major bonus) and three quarter sleeves.  The fit is true to size but not tight so it you want it snug then possibly size down although I think it is just the most flattering fit.  I put it on the same day it was received - a true sign that I loved it and felt good in it.  

I was rushing out to a little local orchestra concert so woke my poor husband up when I got back to grab some shots, hence the grainy ones as he really wasn't impressed and they were done quickly!  You get the idea though.  The detail is stunning.  Unfortunately the cream is no more but they do still have it in navy with 10% off making it just over £80.  It isn't cheap I know but is utterly gorgeous and won't be a one hit wonder in your wardrobe so worth spending a little more than normal.  

This was a really quick shot at the concert to try and show a bit of a close up!  Bows on my shoes and lace on my top!
Floral Lace Top £89.50

Use code 4V6C for 10% off currently. 

Friday, 17 June 2016

The Ones That Got Away

This post is all about what I haven't bought but I'm sharing with you anyway!  I was after a lighter pair of trainers and I live in my black Nike Thea's so I ordered these below....Yep, bright pink!  A little too pink unfortunately but super comfortable and if I hadn't already had a pair of black trainers I would be going for the grey version.  They had this super soft lining that really supported your foot.

Adidas £70 (lots of other colours available too)
Nothing better than a little lace/crochet in my opinion and these bargain shorts are from Tesco of all places.

Tesco £14 (available in black also)
Now these shoes from Clarks below sent me into a proper spin and the photo really doesn't really do them justice.  I needed a size 3.5 and they are sold out everywhere and not even coming back into stock.  I first saw them when I was having my girls feet measured and the shop assistant was wearing them in the silver.  I hunted them down with no luck and the pink suede were too small and big in.  Another super soft lined shoe that hasn't worked it's way into my wardrobe unfortunately. 

Clarks £45 
I haven't been to H&M for a while so had a good trying on session but nothing worked.  I loved this skirt (which came up small).  I could see it with a crisp white t-shirt tucked in and some smart flats.  I could really do with some more skirts so it's a shame this one just didn't fit.  

H&M £15
My love for Topshop continues right now and this bomber was no exception.  It comes up huge though (this was a 6 and was too big) but it does give you two coats in one as is reversible with a gorgeous shade of blue under the black.  

Topshop £85

Now this one came home with me then went back to store.  It was the last one and had a few pulls but mainly it just didn't sit properly around the hips and made them look a little wider than needs be.  I'm not usually a midi skirt fan but I adored how this was cut and as you walked the split showed more leg.  They have it in plain colours with no beading so if you like this style I would definitely recommend you give it a go.  

River Island £65

That's me over and out for a good week or so as I'm off to the sunshine for a family wedding.  (Well the sun had best shine although our history with taking bad weather with us is a little too persistent).

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Being Ahead Of The Time - The Bomber ('ish'!) Jacket

Having moved earlier in the year my wardrobe is still not as organised as I need it to be as my clothes are in a few different places whilst we renovate.  However as there's been a re-shuffle it has bought forgotten about items to the forefront, this Gap jacket for one.  I bought this in a outlet centre a while ago (just found the blog post, it was September 2014!) and it had been 'lost' somewhere in the back of my old wardrobe.  It's completely on trend being a bomber style and the cotton is lightweight so perfect for our current yo yo weather.  

Jacket & Jeans; Gap
T-shirt; Whistles
Belt; Tommy Hilfiger
Flip Flops; Havaianas

This Whistles t-shirt was also bought in the sale by my friend - yes, I have good friends who shop for me, I am blessed!  It was a little more than I normally spend on a t-shirt at £35 but I love the fit and it has some darts around the front so it gives it some more shape.  The quality is great so far, having been washed several times it hasn't bobbled or lost it's shape (it didn't have  a lot of cotton in so was a slight concern for me and my natural fibre OCD).  

So I guess the moral of this story is to buy what you like (you never know, 18 months later it could be a major trend!) and make sure you re-shuffle that wardrobe to find some old gems!

Monday, 6 June 2016

The Boden Shop

Has anyone else ever visited the Boden shop on the A40?  I have been passing it for years and finally on the way home from an over night stay in London I made my husband swerve in and stop.  It was the day after his 40th I should add so was pretty nice of him but my argument was that we had no kids so best to do it now!  It's a lot bigger than it looks and very spacious.  I am always browsing through their catalogues so it was great to see items in the flesh.  I didn't push my luck so it wasn't a long visit but I will definitely go back again.

After living in my Alice flats from them last year I headed straight for the shoes.  As a long standing fan of suede shoes their collection didn't disappoint.  I love how they put just a little twist on a classic shoe either with a bow, tassel or scallop edge.

Amelia Heel £119
Daniella Flat Point £69.50
Scallop Point £48.65-£69.50 (price colour/print dependent)
As much as I loved the suede I quite liked the stripe for a bit of fun!
This t-shirt style top was so soft and had a smarter feel to it as it wasn't cotton.  Pretty Printed Tee £20.65
I didn't see this in the shop but you can't really go wrong with a Glitter Spot Tee at £20.65!
A few shots of the shop including a play area to amuse the little ones - so I will definitely return!  It had mens and kids as well as womens wear, the picture below was just one area.  

A quick note to say the prices shown are current but Boden do have several offers on at the moment so no doubt will change.  When I was browsing their website to get prices on the above I found these - how gorgeous are they!

Pom Pom Sandal £69.50
But enough about the shoes, this top has been on my wish list since forever and currently has 30% off.  Very tempted as it's back in stock in a week so I can order it + cream + lace = winning combination! 

Floral Lace Top £62.65
30% off their tops and tees ends this Thursday so be quick.  May have just checked out my shopping basket.  I had a voucher, it deserves to be tried right?!?

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