Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Chanel Gift Ideas

The title needs no more introduction!  I love all things Chanel and everything that Coco made the brand.  For me, it is the ultimate in luxury.  However although I am lucky enough to have found a few handbags in charity shops (it can be done, I also know people have found them at car boot sales!) I know that for most, it feels like a brand that is just so unobtainable.  So this is where make-up comes in.  I was challenged a few years ago to buy for a friend who barely wears any make up but it was a big birthday for her.  I wanted to buy her a little luxury Chanel so the sales lady recommended the Chanel compact mirror.  She loved it as she did always have one with her so replaced it straight away with this little beauty.  It went straight on my wish list that year and I was lucky enough to revive one as a gift also.  It's  been in my handbag every day since. 

RRP £26
Then last year I had another friend to buy for who wouldn't use the mirror but I wanted her to have a piece of Chanel.  I asked at the Chanel counter for ideas and was told about their lovely lip balm.  A lip balm - everyone uses those, it was perfect!  Not only that, of course it looked amazing and had that whole luxe Chanel vibe going for it.  Naturally it has made it's way (finally) into my life this Mothers Day. 
RRP £25
Lastly, a gift given to me that I have used so much and adore, the Chanel no5 hair mist.  I love perfume but I am always forgetting to put some on and feel it's wasted on school runs so tend to only wear some when I'm going out.  This is a great alternative as it's subtle yet lingers longer as you get wafts from your hair throughout the day.  It's the priciest of the three I've shared but it's essentially perfume for your hair so you are paying more for this classic scent. 

RRP £38
There of course are other great brands who also do some fabulous little gifts like these, so if you're not near a Chanel counter always ask at other beauty ones as I've found the staff so helpful when it comes to gift ideas.  Don't forget to ask them to pop it in a little gift bag too (free!) to make it look that extra bit special.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Outfit Post

I feel like I'm MIA a lot at the moment with posting, tweeting etc. - apologies, life is just so hectic right now!  Before I pop out to do some work this evening here's what I wore at the week-end for a kids party I took my youngest too.  I must say, these Topshop Leigh jeans are literally lived in.  They are a navy blue but a really really soft denim - almost borderline not a denim.  They are my go to trouser for comfort, easy for running after children are a great fit and style.

Coat; Zara
Jumper; Alice Temperley
Jeans & Boots; Topshop
Bag; Prada

I wore my Alice Temperley jumper which pretty much matched the colour of my boots then added some colour with my Zara coat.  Nothing new purchased here, just some great staples working well from my wardrobe.

I even braved a bare ankle (but did have trainer socks on!)
I love the big collar and colour of this coat
The bobble's on this jumper made me buy it!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Great Jumper Debate

So if you're a regular reader of my blog, you may well know already that I'm always checking the fibre composition labels of a garment before purchasing.  I blame my Mum, she taught me at a young age what to look for and what would be worthy of my pennies.  It will now come as a shock then to show that I too ignore my own self imposed 'rules' in the face of a bargain.  I hold my hands firmly up.  Just before Christmas I saw this navy jumper in Gap for a whole £11.99.  It had a sparkly neckline, fitted well and I just really really liked it.  I briefly checked the label, saw there was a little wool (25%) but also 46% nylon and 29% acrylic.  I however chose to bypass the fact it really didn't tick my natural material box and purchased it.  After one wear and one hand wash, it looked like it was fit for the rag bag bin.  I nearly returned it but I thought maybe another few goes may change it (I'm not sure what planet I was on at this point).  Um, nope, even tattier.  Gap have been great in returning it however it's a big slap in the face and firm reminder I must stick to my guns.  Despite looking great on, despite the very good price tag, 2-3 wears is just not good enough.  (Please note, this is not me saying that Gap aren't good enough - I shop there a lot, just that this combination of materials really doesn't work for an item).

So back to my comfort zone - some cashmere.  This was ordered online from Next at the start of January (and finally arrived) with the intention of spending some birthday money on it.  It was only £39 from over £110, grey, cashmere and a hoody - bonus!  Luckily as I have now spent all my birthday money, it came up large.  I know the style is meant to be loose but this hung off my body and was very long in the sleeve.  Quality was amazing for £39 though.  There is currently a size 12 left.  Go to the clearance section, Womens, then type Cashmere in the item description box under the "Search by Keyword" section. Always worth checking back as sizes come in and out of stock.  The pink and navy are £55 for some reason though. 

On a recent trip to London I had a quick browse around & Other Stories as it's the only store in the UK.  Yes, for those with really good memories I was doing my version of dry February (no shopping), it was going well until that Saturday.  But it was the 28th so the last day of the month, I wouldn't call that a major fail, what's one day?  For research purposes naturally, I saw this jumper and thought I should road test their quality.  Merino wool and what I would call an animal 'ish' print - not a lot not to love.  At £45 it was more than I would normally spend however based on the navy jumper above I figured if I wore it 10 times and it still looked good then thats £4.50 per wear - I expect it to last a lot longer than 10 washes though, will keep you posted.  

Their 'Confetti' jumper!
I also popped into Cos and saw this lovely breton top with silk bottom half.  I loved it but had already purchased the above so I refrained - I know, I'm proud too.  This may have to be this months purchase but I'm trying to stick to 1-2 pieces of good quality items a month, the above jumper may have to now roll over to March and there may already have been a sneaky (but so worth it at just over 75% off) purchase already - will share soon, promise.  April it is for the Cos top then!  Oh and it's not available online - had to get this image via their Netherlands website.  From memory was around £35 - £40 but will have to wait until I'm near a Cos again.

A classic with a twist

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