Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Ash Press Day

I had a half day in London the other week where I raced around to a few press days and sample sales in between school drop off's and parents evening.  I shunned the tube and reckon I walked a fair old few miles but I love London so any opportunity to view it from ground level, I take it.  First off I went to the Ash SS15 press day.  For those of you who don't know the brand (where have you been??) they are pretty damn famous for their Jalouse boot and wedge trainers.  New to 2015 is their clothing line, some great pieces in store for us all.  Here's a round up of my favourites.

Their new clothing collection has a simple colour palette with distinctive yet un-fussy patterns.  The quilted texture, looked just as good in the flesh.
The leather items were stunning.
Suede boots - my absolute favourite and the peep toes weren't bad either!
Their wedge trainers are still there with the trainer addition of animal prints, colour and sparkles.
For those of you who thought the skater shoe was a one season wonder, think again.
Snake print, fringing, studding, leather and suede = WINNERS!
I'm not a huge fan of the heavier sole but agree they are very trendy.  However the snake print can stay for good!

If I wasn't such a tight Mummy then I would so be decking my girls out in their shoes - oh and grab myself a matching pair of trainers!
The leather back pack is back for another season.  Stunning leather, a true made to last item.

Fringing also back again next season with three amazing easy to wear colours available
Simple and chic, love this so much 
So what to wear on a damp day walking around London?  My leather skirt of course!  I wore a simple thin merino jumper (with a vest under for extra warmth, naturally) and kept colour out accept for my jacket.

Jumper; Gap
Bracelet; Annie Haak
Watch; Tag
Skirt; Mango
Boots; Topshop

Jacket; Zara
Bag; Balenciaga
I may have made an impromptu purchase at the Ash sample sale but that can wait until another post....!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Feeling A Little Wintery

Not so long ago when we were having some un heard of mild weather for this time of year I said I wasn't really planning my Winter wardrobe, I hadn't given it a second thought.  Well I'm there now, below 10 degrees doing the school run in the morning is freezing to me, I don't do the cold.  I always feel a little uninspired at the start of the colder months so I haven't done much planning, more delving into my jumpers and layers.  Oh and I always wear vests!

Cashmere jumper; La Redoute
Gilet; Zara
Jeans; Gap
Boots; Topshop
Cashmere jumper (again!); La Redoute
Scarf; Damart
Trousers; Gap
Boots; TK Maxx
I bought my 'raspberry' jacket earlier in the year from the Zara sale just as the weather was getting warmer.  I took a bit of a risk as it only got worn once before it went away but the risk paid off.  Apart from the berry trousers above, it has been worn daily and it has received so many compliments.  One lady on the train stopped me to say what a lovely cheerful colour it was on me, how lovely!  

Done up, I love the neck and the popper fastenings make it so easy
Great big collar when open
Jacket; Zara
Jumper; TK Maxx
Jeans & boots; Topshop
And finally, yes, I am one to share - this time, my thermal vest.  Thank you Damart for sending me a few, this being my favourite.  It's thin and inconspicuous with a little gold detail to make it more appealing when I'm dragging out the layers in the dark mornings.  I have actually been wearing it for a while (I told you I felt the cold!) and it's still as good as new after many washes.  I really recommend them.  

Any one else in their thermals yet or have I peaked too soon?!?

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Holiday Snaps

I promise this is the last I will bang on about my holiday in the sunshine whilst it was Autumn here....(!) Despite loving clothes I do find on holiday I tend to not be so bothered about dressing up, mainly because it's too hot but also because I try my best to fully relax and forget about routines, work, lifestyle etc.  However there were a few decent outfits I wanted to share before I finally put the sunshine to bed so here goes.  

First up, probably my favourite TK Maxx find this year, my Moschino skirt.  It is so comfortable to wear and not too short.  I teamed it with my Cos silk and cotton blend t-shirt as it's a fairly smart due to the fibre composition.  I popped on my Topshop necklace (although I'm not a large jewellery fan on hot holidays - too much fuss, but I felt I needed something more for that night's meal out).  I ran out of time to put my black sandals on as their required some doing up so had to slip on my old Carvela gold ones, not ideal but I wasn't bothered - holiday mode!

I purchased this navy sun dress about 6 years ago from Topshop.  It has been dragged out every holiday since, despite me thinking it was a little too dark for holidays when I bought it.  The bonus about the colour is that no matter how much sun lotion or food/drinks/sweat it has on it, it still looks pretty good.
At the start of the holiday...
By the end - a little more crumpled! 
We had a day trip out to Bridgetown for a browse one morning so I popped on my version of a denim short (a proper jeans short will remain on my wish list).  These Tommy Hilfiger shorts are made of a lightweight denim/cotton.

Top; Zara
Shorts; Tommy Hilfiger
Bag; River Island
Sandals; Carvela
Everything always looks better in the sunshine, colours, diamonds.....I didn't purchase but I was very tempted!
A beautiful fabric shop in Bridgetown
Checking out the local bling
I've already mentioned about my Topshop Joni jeans and how comfy they were to travel in so they were worn on the way back as well.  I kept it simple with a loose breton t-shirt (I slipped on a vest  underneath mid flight!) and my Nike's again (but wore my flips flips to the airport).  I had a large animal print bag for my carry on as the girls and myself never travel light.  I hadn't planned on a monochrome theme it just happened like this!

T-shirt & Jeans; Topshop
Flipflops; Haviana's
Bag; TK Maxi
Next to Wes Hall (legendary cricketer) - the cardboard version, however he actually married my cousin!
Finished off with a little Duty Free purchase on the plane.  My Mother in Law and me decided to go halves as we couldn't afford the whole set then I was kindly told my half was an early Christmas present!  Lovely little treat thank you MIL x

Au revoir holiday, until next year! 
Love From The Carlisle's

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