Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Zara Purchases

I have a tick on my list from last month's mini shopping list for more trousers.  It's been a while since I purchased any from Zara as I find their sizes a bit hit and miss.  However I had some time in the Easter break to have a proper browse and found these khaki cropped jeans.  They come up completely true to size and at £25.99 thought that the price wasn't bad at all (not even in the sale!). They have a slightly faded look going on in the front which I like as gives them a bit of an old worn look.  Unfortunately I can't find them online to share but they had loads in store.  

Shirt and belt; Topshop
Jeans; Zara
Ballet pumps; Jones Bootmaker

I also found a white and beige floaty top for £19.99.  It was available in yellow too but it just felt a little to bright.  I love yellow, just that this one was more orangey (doesn't look it in the photo though!) and the tones just weren't right on me.  I liked the back of it especially however it's been sat on my special hook since I purchased it.  I haven't had an occasion to wear it and I am borderline on the colour combo as without a tan feel it comes up a little bland.  It will be a TBC piece for another week or so I think!

The yellow that stayed in the shop!

Looking online it comes in black and white and a few patterns too.  Think it might be one of those tops I wear once and then forget about.  Watch this space!

Monday, 20 April 2015

The Online Shopping Basket - That's Not Being Checked Out....Yet

On a mission to save for all those necessary things in life, my husband and I have given ourselves a strict budget per month.  Now I know clothes shopping isn't a necessity but I do try to make it one(!).  However looking at the bigger picture (gosh, can you tell I'm mid 30's now) I still don't do too badly, I just try to buy well and invest or save for items.  That being said, there does come a point at least once a month I feel the need to online shop.  I enjoy that mid week parcel arriving, especially when the kids are driving me nuts!  So Saturday I started looking at Uniqlo and there's plenty I am after - for next months budget now of course.  In a bid to really stop myself from checking out my full basket and show restraint, I am putting it out there live on my blog.  You guys go fourth and shop - just don't tell me you bought any of it ok?

I think this is the sweatshirt that the lovely Sue blogged about (and turned into a whole other sweatshirt via transfers from memory, the clever lady) and I remember seeing it and thinking it was the perfect marl grey.  At £14.90 it's not going to break the bank either.
£14.90 this mainly cotton sweatshirt is so cute.  As someone who feels the cold this is a great alternative to a t-shirt as it's just that little bit thicker.
I've purchased their silk before so I just put silk into their search window and voila - it's all on sale!  £39.90 down to £24.90 I love this t-shirt in silk.  They have it in pink and blue too. 
Cotton 90% and cashmere 10%, £24.90 down to £14.90, bargain!  They also had it in plain grey with white sleeves - I loved it and it was in my basket but it's now sold out (phew, that's that one gone!).
This comes in loads of fun colours but I've just found I've been needing a 'chuck it all' in bag with a zip for days out with the kids.  I don't want to use one of my lovely leather ones - somethings bound to leek.  For £7.99 I think this would do the job.
On a side note - it was not intentional that there is a bit of a pink and grey theme going on here.  Oh and as I look down at what I'm wearing typing this, I'm in marl grey joggers and a pink cotton jumper....Grey and pink it is then this month!

Ending on some shoes I found that I shared on instagram, Facebook, Twitter - so you've probably already seen them but they are so beautiful, in case you haven't, here they are.

Phase Eight's Tamara shoe, £110 down to £55.  They come in black as well but I think these are just perfect for coming now.  Leather in and out, I bet they are so comfy, I'm drooling.....but I so don't need these, someone else buy them, please?

Anyone else joining me in showing some self control?  Am I also alone in the enjoyment in online shopping, I fear it's got worse since child number 2 came along and she's a little madam in the shops - I blame her!

Friday, 17 April 2015

The Boden Purchases

The lovely Frances had recommended this red breton from Boden on her blog - who am I to pass up on a breton?!?!  Oh and I actually didn't have a red one so needs must.  I like buying when somethings been tried and tested by someone, especially when it comes to classics like this.  It was £18.75 when they had a sale on.  It's been worn twice already and is a lovely soft cotton.  It does come up large but I didn't want anything too tight.

Top; Boden
Jeans; Gap
Pumps; French Sole

My favourite French Sole pumps purchased via Atterley Road
Whilst looking at the breton I spotted this merino jumper in the sale down to £17.70 - wow!  Merino is a thin wool so perfect for now and as I had returned a previous one from a different store due to shrinkage, I was on the look out for a replacement.  It's very similar to the J.Crew Tippi style which I had bought in the cream and white last year but they were so see through they went back.  The sleeves are three quarter length which I love, it's true to size and the perfect shade of grey (well, apart from Christian's grey of course....).  It's still available in a 6, 10 and 12.

It was late, I was tired, you know I'm not one for good photos (but I over compensate with sharing good shopping buys right???!!) but honestly there is nothing wrong with my lips - just a dirty camera on my phone, oops!

Jumper; Boden
Necklace; Marks & Spencer

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