Sunday, 13 May 2018

Why Hello There! (Holiday Style Post)

I've properly had writers block and no matter how much I've wanted to, felt I had nothing to share that was very relevant or worth a read.  Do people even still read blogs anymore?!?!  I hold my hands up to visiting Instgram daily, it's quick and easy, who has time to sit and read properly these days?  However I do miss sitting and writing/sharing things on here so even if there's one reader still lurking out there, this is for you!  I decided to stop over thinking things (a little like the name we can't decide on for our puppy - yes, we're gong down the puppy route!) and just plonk a load of holiday snaps on here that maybe can inspire you for some looks.  Again, hands up, blog photos have been neglected and these were all taken for the squares of Insta but I promise from now on to take the original size shots for here to make it more readable.

So onwards and upwards.  Here are some of my favourite holiday looks, we went to Disney World so it was mainly comfort based.

These are the best denim shorts I've found and I kept meaning to blog about them last year but never got around to it.  A little like the camel coat saga, denim shorts were on my wish list for what seems like forever.  Any ones that I deemed 'cool' enough sat too far up my derriere and any that sat lower seemed a little frumpy for my petite height.  They are from Gap which I know for most can be hit and miss re sizes but just hold them up and look at them for sizing more than anything and try try try.  Top is an old Zara sales find for £12.99 in Winter time, hat was Warehouse, again a sales find for £10 and leather rucksack was from a preloved shop but by Jigsaw.  It's gold so adds a touch of glam but it is well used now by me and I'm not precious about it so it is perfect for this type of holiday.  

Pretty sure these are them!  They do different leg lengths and these are the 5" which are currently on sale at £24.47.  A choice of washes also available.
A Zara jumpsuit below - I know - it looks like a dress but it has shorts underneath, highly recommend it!  Recently found another little black Summer dress from them too which I will share but I haven't worn it yet.  Is it me or have they dropped their price points? Anyway, I'm loving them right now and could easily spend a fortune which I don't have!

Zara Short Embroidered Jumpsuit Dress £29.99
They are totally different......I've told myself that a few times as did my mate who was with me when I purchased it!  Oh and being pretty short has it's benefits as it doesn't sit at this length on me.

Zara Short Frilled Dress £29.99

Two of my US purchases.  J Crew scalloped shorts and a cool t-shirt, both under £15 each.  I love the outlets in America!  

I know I'm repetitive but two more sales purchases; a Whistles t-shirt which was via Very and my Marant skirt via the Harrods Winter sale.  I started to regret the skirt as thought I'd picked up the wrong size but it was fine in the end.  I don't find it the easiest of skirts to style, I still wasn't happy with the t-shirt combo but I was in holiday mode so went with it but it needs some more playing with now I'm home (and if we get the weather here!). 

The denim shorts again, with a little Topshop t-shirt and my favourite Adidas sliders - sooooo comfortable.  I tracked them down a few years ago via Asos

My current favourite striped t-shirt from Topshop £12
Adidas Sliders reduced to £19
No, I didn't purchase, I was just window shopping for my 40th in a few years!  Dress is Topshop and cardi/jacket is Zara.  Chanel keep upping their prices, grrrrrr, at least another one increase before I would be ready to buy - well um, I say ready, lets see how the saving go!

Topshop Pinafore £36

I'll end on this note.  He arrives Monday.  Wish me luck! 

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

A Few Mothers Day Gift Ideas

It's a bit of a comfort post for gifts, some snuggly treat ones!  I'm a sucker for a candle but I also am very particular that the majority I burn are natural or soya wax (Diptyque a huge exception to the rule).  One of my absolute favourites is the Parks Aromatherapy range which I grab from TK Maxx for £9.99 a candle.  I like to light them at night time especially.

This was a larger one in the most beautiful glass jar.  (stunning vintage roses - Aldi)
They burn evenly so there's no waste.  

You can pick them up in store and in HomeSense but there's a few lovely gift box sets online here

The Clarins hand cream above I bought from duty free last year but at the time John Lewis sold them as a trio set.  It smells amazing but there's another set out currently that has a lovely range of scents.  
Clarins White Flowers Trio Set £25

As we've got the candle, some nice hand creams it would be wrong not to include the Queen of all comforts - a nice new hoodie!  Love this one from Uniqlo and grey is my perfect sweater colour. 

Hoodie £24.90

Whilst we are on the grey jumper side, the lovely Susie So So popped this one up on her Insta feed the other day.  So up my street.  80% merino and 20% cashmere and a great price too. 

Cashmere Merino Cable Jumper £55
And finally, a firm fail safe gift for me, something Emma Bridgewater!  I popped to Bicester Village at the week-end (no pleasure for me, watching my hubby spend his birthday pennies!) and saw this gorgeous new print called Rainbow Dots.  They had a few pieces in but there's only 6 in the range anyway.  I just really fell for it.  I think the candle and jug were my favourites but was in a rush so not the best photo's I'm afraid but you get the idea.

Plate £19.95 (£12.95 at Bicester)

Rainbow Dots Flower Candle £17.95 (Bicester outlet were cheaper - around the £10 mark)
Rainbow Dots Jug £34.95 (£25.95 at Bicester)

Well ok, I did window shop....This Gucci scarf and bag was on my 'lust list' from December.  Santa obviously thought I wasn't well behaved last year.  No comments please.  Bag stayed in stock (reduce it more Gucci?!?!) scarf didn't but just came back in - when I've totally spent all my Christmas and Birthday money.  Life just isn't fair is it.  I will leave you with these beauties.  Princess signing out now.  

Thursday, 1 March 2018

My Bargain Boots

A quick impromptu post to say if you're in Buckinghamshire near the Thame area, there's a great riding shop with some serious bargain footwear right now!  I went to get my eldest some riding bits and was pleasantly surprised that I walked out with these two pairs of boots for £10 each.  I have worn the leather Chelsea style boots daily until the snow hit and I've swapped to the other ones - perfect timing for these purchases!

I've had a look online and managed to find the black boots below for £25 plus shipping.  These do come up small.  I am usually a 3 and bought the 5 as even the 4 were too short length wise.  They are very lightweight and were far more comfortable than any Sorel's (not to mention cheaper) I tried on.  I was told that they were waterproof and are very warm as well padded, they haven't let any water in today.

Seeland Esher Boots £25

A kind reader has found the link to the leather boots online!  Have a look here.  They have sizes in the leather boots from kids to adults and black as well.  I would have loved the black but they only had the brown left in a 3 (they are true to size).  Definitely worth a pop in if you are near, they are called Two Times Tack.  

£10, buy buy buy! 

Friday, 23 February 2018

Topshop Khaki's, Jeans & Black Trousers

Hello again!  Yes, two blog posts in a month, I'm clearly on a roll!  So you may remember I featured these lovely khaki's on here last year?  They were from Topshop and looked great however the waist band was so high up on me and no matter what top I tried on, they just didn't feel comfortable.  They ended up going back but part of me always regretted it as I never found anything else.  That was until last month. 

With the Topshop account card you always get a 20% off voucher for your birthday.  After over splurging in the sales straight after Christmas and with my wardrobe still in boxes (grrrr) I literally ordered two pairs of trousers and that was it.  Feels like a waste now, especially as there's lots more in ready for Spring.  Don't have babies in January people, it really is a pants time of year!  Ok, back to the khakis.  So yes, I found some and guess what - they are perfect!  Fit like a dream with no big belted bow to get in the way.  I braved the cold and wore them the other day (thermal vest on don't panic) as I was desperate to ditch the jeans and feel a little more Summery.  

Breton; Boden
Gilet; Topshop (via eBay)
Shoes; Clarks

Both the bow and my ones are in stock (they even used the same image for the bow ones as I featured from them last June!).  

Paperbag Utility Trousers £39
Khaki Utility Trousers £39
While we are on the trouser subject, I've been a long standing lover of their jeans.  Most recently I loved their Leigh style as they were super soft and the perfect skinny for me.  They were however getting thin and old so I tried the Sidney at the end of last year.  They have been great for Winter as a thicker denim and slightly higher up the waist.  I ordered the washed black pair along with the above khakis but for some reason they have come up super tight, unlike the blue pair I have.  I have worn them around the house but they just aren't the same so I am disappointingly having to return them.  Such a shame!

You can see the extra width and my blue ones are only a few months old.
Great colours though.
Looking at how tight they are on the model below, maybe I just got lucky with my pair and they are actually meant to be that tight?!?  Either way, I'm blatantly getting old and need them to be comfortable and not that restrictive!  *UPDATE* I needed to wear some thicker black skinnies, I broke them in, decided to take a chance as they had my birthday voucher of 20% off, paid off, love them!  Still highly recommend but beware they do come up slightly different in size.

Sidney Jeans £40
Whilst we are on the subject of their trousers, I dug these black ones out the other day.  They must be at least 7 years old, probably older (I remember wearing them when I just found out I was pregnant with my second).  They have totally stood the test of time and still wash up brilliantly.  I've found a few pairs that look similar and are currently available at Topshop.

Slim Tapered Trousers £45
High Waisted Cigarette Trousers £22
Pleated Peg Leg Trousers £22

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