Friday, 28 August 2015

The Breton Favourite

Who doesn't love a good breton?  Well not me, I seem to naturally gravitate towards them and wear them on a weekly basis - they are perfect for school runs.  They add a touch of easy elegance, I don't feel scruffy, they are a no brainer when rushing to get the kids out the door and Coco Chanel wore them so enough said on that!  I featured my latest one from Cos the other month in this post.  I loved it so much that when I went to Dublin to visit my sister I grabbed the grey version.

Appearance from Lizzie cat again - that black thing wrapped in my baby blanket!
Top; Cos
Jeans; Zara
Shoes; Spanish Supermarket
They work out slightly cheaper wen buying in Euro's - approimately £13 which makes them an absolute bargain.  They have both washed so well and are easy to run an iron over, not a fussy top to do.  I really couldn't recommend them enough.

The navy version £17
The red version - perhaps next time!

Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Cambridge Satchel Company & Vivienne Westwood Collaboration

I was in London last week for a very wet anniversary celebration and popped into The Cambridge Satchel Company's store in Covent Garden.  I purchased mine 3 years ago now (see blog post here) and it's worn so well, they are such sturdy bags.  I love the scalloped style that was in store, especially the port colour at the back (very on trend for next season).

The Cloud £115
I was side tracked by their collaboration with Vivienne Westwood, the colours and patterns are fabulous - as you would expect.  The black is a great classic with the tan leather breaking up the darkness.

Prices start from £115

The Squiggle Satchel £215 
Mine is the classic 11" satchel from £99.  As I said, it was bought 3 years ago now and from memory I paid in the £70's for it due to a special discount code (you know me and discounts!).  I also had my initials put on it.  It's a bronze colour and isn't as shiny as the picture suggests.  They now have a magnetic version which I would actually recommend as the only negative for me is getting into it - as I'm always in a hurry! 

I can't believe how much this company has grown - their range is huge, from luggage labels and small accessories to an even larger range of handbags for men and women.  You know I'm a huge lover of natural materials - leather being one, especially for shoes and handbags.  I neglected to take some pictures of the below in store as I was ogling the Westwood collaboration but these two designs were my favourite.

Look at those hearts! £115
The 11" with magnetic closure in the Oyster colour

If you haven't already read the lovely story behind this brand, take a peak here.  There's free delivery over £50 and best of all (and just in case it needs to be pointed out!) they are lovingly made here in Great Britain! 

NB This isn't a sponsored post in any way, it's a brand I like, have road tested and seen some new styles recently so am sharing it with you all!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Winter Sale Purchase Worn For Summer

I will admit that my shopaholic tendencies do sometimes lead me astray, especially in sales times and sometimes I buy and it's still sat there a year later in my wardrobe.  I say sometimes, we all make mistakes and it's worth the risk as I don't make that many.  This leads me on to the little gem below I purchased in the Topshop Winter sale after Christmas and previously blogged about here in January.  I had my eye on it last year but it was £45 and there wasn't much need for it in my wardrobe nor to spend that much money on it.  Fast forward half a year and it was mine for £13.50 (I got an extra 10% off as it was my birthday month!).

Kimono, belt & jeans; Topshop
T-Shirt; Vince
Sandals, Ash
Watch, Tag
Unintentional that I had three pieces of Tophsop on!  The belt is so old but leather and has stood the test of time

I'm aware it is more of a beach cover up but felt it was a little too nice for my girls to cover in sand, sun lotion and ice cream.  It will be worn that way one day but I wanted to appreciate the embroidery and beautiful vibrant colour all to myself on a day out first.  Anyone else dug out a purchase they bought in Winter for the Summer recently?  (Or is it just me who does this!).

Friday, 14 August 2015

A Mini French Connection Review

I was loitering around the changing rooms waiting for a client the other week when I spotted a sales assistant with a fabulous t-shirt.  Never one not to ask, I marched on over to find out where it was from and naturally grab a photo - I have no shame!  It is from French Connection.  I loved how she'd teamed it with a plain leather skirt, it made me want to get mine out more often and dress it down with t-shirts for every day wear.  

FCUK T-Shirt £30
I've always liked French Connection but it has fallen off my radar recently - Zara and Topshop seem to be my firm favourites at the moment.  I did use to rely on them heavily for dresses as they seemed to suit my shape and I knew my size would fit me (rather than with some brands who fluctuate their sizes, style and season dependent!).  This below number also caught my eye.  I'm a sucker for a bit of embroidery and the navy and white colour combo really worked for it.  

French Connection Dress £135 

I saw the below dress whilst in Dublin with my sister.  She tried it on but they didn't have my size.  It actually worked out cheaper here in the UK (£36 from £120) but French Connection were sold out.  John Lewis have it in stock though so I'm hovering over the order button - just to see if it fits of course, which I'm planning that it won't (or really can't...!).  A great buy though and I tend to find their dresses are the right side of fashion - not so high fashion that they're done after one season, but just enough to still be a safe bet in your wardrobe for a good few years. 

French Connection Leopard Moth Dress (via John Lewis) £36
I have a few golden oldie French Connection dresses lurking in my wardrobe.  One in particular that I bring out at least once a year for an occasion.  It was actually found via a charity shop but it was my size and I knew it would fit.  They are very fair in their sales so make sure you have a good browse around.  It isn't too early to be thinking ahead for party season you know - 132 days to be precise!  Leaving you on that note rather promptly.

PS Extra 10% off sale with code EX10SALE until 24th August 2015. 

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