Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Adidas Bargains at John Lewis

I went to the new store in Oxford the other day (ok, I did the High Wycombe one also - but that was for sofa shopping!).  The new shopping area is nice, you need time as it's fairly spread out.  I'm getting old and more often than not like my shops very close together not only for my little legs but mainly due to a lack of time.  The store is nice, I wouldn't say more stock just spread/laid out better really. Anyway, back to what I wanted to say which is I grabbed two bargain pairs of trainers from them. They are both so comfy, not for now, more Spring and were bought with a big family holiday abroad in Easter in mind (lots of walking!).  I've been after a lighter colour and not white for a while. The cloudfoam inner in both makes them supper comfortable.  Not many sizes online so be quick but check stores too.

£64.95 down to £32.  A size 4 and 6 online here

They have a blue in size 5 online here.

£49.95 down to £24.50 but only a 4 left online here.

They did have some on the Adidas website too so worth a browse there.  I went half a size up as the padded innersole does make them a little tighter but then I do tend to in a trainer anyway.  Happy shopping!

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Festive Wishes

Why hello. Long time no speak! Better late than never, this little blog has been so neglected this year whilst house renovations etc take over. I make no promises as to what next year brings for it, it is a hobby and one that takes time for me. Writing about great buys comes naturally to me but the technology/social media/time side of it is real! My study is now carpeted and ready for furniture so who know's, it may well be just what I need to organise me and dedicate some time here next year. But in the mean time, for those that do pop back here and read, huge huge Christmas and New Year wishes to you. I appreciate your patience and staying with me. Keep shopping, be smart with your purchases, we are all just aiding the economy.....!

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Grey Cashmere Jumper

It's almost as bad as the camel coat search the grey jumper one, it's just one of those staples that needs to be right.  When La Redoute had their '40% off everything' sale I ordered 3 to try, not holding out much hope to be honest.  I have found as cashmere has become more available over the years, it's quality has become worse, a lot thinner.  I have jumpers and cardigans that are 5+ years old and still look good, any recent purchases just don't seem to have held their shape.  With the discount they were all between the £50-£70 odd mark which is about my limit for cashmere.  The cheaper two were thinner but the colour the perfect marl grey.  

La Redoute Cashmere Boat Neck Jumper £95
The neckline just wasn't right on me.
Crew Neck Cashmere Jumper £89
The perfect shade of grey but when I tried the below on, it was the clear winner.
La Redoute Collections Cashmere Jumper £119
A definite slouchier style jumper than the first two, which i preferred (but my dear Mother didn't....sorry Mum!)
Due to time of the year (we have birthdays straight after Christmas!) I did have a momentary question but the £71.40 (after the discount) one was so luxe, I loved how the shape was that little bit different and the thickness was just how it should be. It did come up slightly large, I have turned the sleeves up, however all my recent cashmere has shrunk and I've even gone two sizes up in anticipation of this. As I've got older, it really is about more quality pieces, less of them perhaps but pieces that won't date and will stand the test of time. There was also a cheeky offer to pay for it over 3 months 0% so that did make it more achievable. I've worn it straight away and absolutely love it. It is slightly darker than I thought I wanted but actually it doesn't matter as the pile is so rich, it's more about that than a slight shade discrepancy.

The only other one that has caught my eye in recent months is Zara's cashmere.  I have scoured the high street and it really is worth paying slightly extra for the quality.  It was also a great thickness but I stupidly didn't try it on when I was in London and my local store doesn't stock it.  You can order online but it is the pricier end.  I love the pale pink but it's a slightly more boxier style than my La Redoute one.  One to watch in the sales I think.  Silly me for not trying it on!

Zara Round Neck Cashmere Sweater £95.99 
Zara Light Pink Round Neck Cashmere Sweater £95.99
And because I didn't think the sales would get any better than 40%......naturally, they did!  Currently La Redoute have offers on; £30 off a £60 spend, £50 off £100 and £100 off £200.  Making my jumper now £69!  I'm not going to get mad over the few pounds but at now under £70, I really recommend it.  Use code XMAS and it expires 16th November 2017. 

PS This isn't a sponsored post, I've just done my research and shared what I've purchased! 

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Mini Zara Edit

Hello!  Yes, it's me again, with a long awaited post and one that didn't save so I got the hump and ignored the blog in anger, then got over myself long enough to start again.  Granted, in my sleep deprived state, after all the work of adding the links and writing the text, I may have forgotten to hit the save button.......poop indeed!  So I'll spare you long text because you probably haven't got the time to read it and I haven't got the time to write it all again and just share some snaps of pieces I found in Zara the other week.  I will add the links where I can.  The only temptation was the top but with half of my items still in storage I've kind of forgotten what I have and decided to wait.  

Flowing Embroidered Blouse £29.99
I loved the print on this dress but the style just felt a little nondescript.
Absolutely loved this, didn't try it on as I knew I would & I can't buy another coat (yet!)
Textured Coat £95.99
I liked this simple short black faux fur for something easy but luxe to add to an already glam outfit, sometimes simple chic is the way to go!
Faux Fur Jacket £69.99
Still on the hunt for a camel coat, this one was the perfect shade (just too long for me).  Zara do tend to always have a great selection of coats every season.
Long Oversized Coat £129 with 75% wool

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