Friday, 27 November 2015

The New Look Revival & A Snuggly Superdry Jumper

It was so cold today I had to bring out the big guns in the form of a chunky knit.  I got rid of all my polo necks years ago, I had so many and I'd fallen out of love with them that I literally cleared the lot out.  So when I saw this Superdry one the other week I decided it maybe time to re-visit the old roll neck as I loved the thick jumper and the colours in it.  It did feel a little odd wearing it but for the first time all week I was warm all day.  

Jumper; Superdry
Jeans; Topshop
Boots; New Look 

Without having much time to think before the school run (no matter how hard I try to plan out my mornings - toddlers always manage to throw a spanner in the works don't they!) I literally grabbed these boots from the depths of my wardrobe.  I bought them years ago from New Look for around £20.  They are real suede but fairly high for me hence they don't get a great deal of wear.  They did keep me warmer than my ankle boots though!  It was also actually nice to wear a higher heel in the day for a change, they always make me hold myself better I find! 

Continuing on with a New Look revival is this sequin skirt, also years old. It was from their Limited Edition range and quite possibly may be my party outfit saviour for next week-end. I've been burying my head in the sand and with just over a week I really need to get it out and sort out what I'm wearing. This is my first port of call - just a top to find, that's if it still fits.....Yes, I loved it so much it's lurked in the back of my wardrobe every time I've had a clear out refusing to leave it.

Skirt; New Look
Shoes; Dune

PS Full body shot photo credits go to my 8 year old who is in training but doing a grand job at 'papping Mummy' as we are frantically racing out the house for school. Thank you H. X

Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Wish List (Take Two)

Honestly, I feel like someone was trying to tell me something about blogging recently!  Internet crashing, Blogger not posting posts then loosing saved ones, I'm a technophobe at the best of times but this did test me to my limit.  So in an attempt to remember what I was talking about, here goes.  Still not impressed with what's out there at the moment, but I have a few things I'm after.  I had a plain grey sweater on my wish list from a while ago but then saw the one below from The Outnet earlier on in the year and it just looked a lot more appealing.  I had a old Gap camouflage one that had just gone to Heaven so I gave this a whirl.  It is by Zoe Karssen who makes very good sweaters (I know as I have one already by her) however be warned, this comes up short so it went back. 

Then the lovely Michelle linked to this one below from Uniqlo. At £14.90 it's a really good price without spending a ridiculous amount on casual wear. This may be popped onto my Christmas list actually (or Birthday as it's not far after!).
I also homed straight in on the one below from G-Star Raw at their press day the other week. The quality was outstanding, a really good thick sweater but it's not out yet. I will be keeping a watch for it when it does though.

I then spotted these Topshop boots in a local pre-loved shop. They are £79 full price but were £60 and in my size, new. They aren't my usual style as they are slightly higher up the leg - they are called a sock boot on the website. I feel like I wore something similar about 20 years ago in my teens - that block heel, that ankle length height - anyone else with me here?!?! That did stop me in my tracks slightly (as well as the bored 3 year old who wouldn't even allow me time to photo them). I'm not 100% convinced, nor in the market for 'more boot's' as my husband reminds me but I loved the soft brown leather and they looked great tucked into my skinny jeans. Maybe if they go down some more I will take a risk on them.

Topshop Magnificent Boot 

And lastly, I need a party outfit! I am so late on this one, I usually try and pick something up earlier on in the year so that there's even less chance of someone rocking up in the same outfit as mine. Not quite sure where this year has gone and I now have less than two weeks until a Christmas party - oops! I have a very old pre second child sequinned skirt from New Look when they did their Limited Edition range. I'm going to dig that out as a back up and see what I can rustle up. Anyone else sorted their part frock out and been super organised? 

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Sunday, 8 November 2015

It's All About The Footwear!

I'm just a little bit bored with clothes at the moment.  It happens to me at this time of year, I just want a cozy jumper and jeans (and my thermal vest of course) and be done with it all.  That being said, shoes are still floating my boat quite a bit and I do have a Christmas party coming up.  On the flip side, there really is only so many times a fancy pair of shoes can be worn and I do have a few - I know, I too have just fallen off the chair at that statement.  I'm reaching for the chocolate and G&T to bring me round, don't worry.  But really, how gorgeous are these from River Island?  Available in black as well and I don't think £65 is an unreasonable price tag.  I was a little slow on the uptake and missed out on the Grazia code of 25% off so I haven't purchased them - yet!  Oh and did I mention they are suede - my all time favourite for shoes!

River Island £65
While we are on the suede front, I may as well continue.  My obsession with suede footwear is perhaps getting worse.  I was in London last week for some press days.  Boden as always, didn't disappoint.  The only thing you have to bear in mind is that this is what is to come, they aren't yet available as this is their Spring/Summer drop.

I have their Alice flats which are super, these look like a updated version complete with some great studding detail
Tassels are still in for next season
Just throwing these in there as they were so stunning and stood out a mile.  They are by Giuseppe Zanotti, a truly premium brand.  These definitely had the 'wow' factor going on.

And yes - they were suede too!
Back down to earth with some every day footwear that also offers something a little different to the norm.  You may have heard off the brand Minnetonka and if not, then you'll probably have seen a certain Miss Moss wearing a pair of hers.  Flat, suede, fringing, they pretty much tick all the boxes. They have gone straight on my wish list after seeing a collection in the flesh.

Finishing with a boot I've got my eye on.  I'm not a huge Ugg wearer anymore, I have 4 pairs, all pretty old now but I find them very heavy on the end of my little legs.  My favourite are the short pair but I mainly wear these for ease when I go to Yoga.  Office sent me an email introducing their exclusive Ugg Petra boot and I was immediately transfixed.  They are in a nubuck leather so won't mark as easily as suede Ugg's but still have that sheepskin lining.  On top of that they are short, which I love with skinny jeans.  I'm yet to see these in the flesh and try them on but they may go on my sale shopping list!

Ugg Petra £130

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