Thursday, 25 August 2016

A Few Boden Picks

Don't ask me how but during the manic school holidays I managed a very quick flick through the latest Boden catalogue.  Ok, it was spurred on by the £15 voucher they sent me with it which expires soon and would wasteful not to use it but still, nice to have a browse! Naturally I homed in on their bretons, I love the velvet lace up on the shoulders of this one and think the pink version is gorgeous.  It also comes in an ivory with navy stripe and navy with black stripe.

Velvet Lace Up Breton £32 (currently)
They've also got a few quirky bretons in, with spots, hearts and a vertical pink stripe but I really like the simple twist of this one with the gold pocket.

Make A Statement Breton £31.50 (currently)
Last season they bought out this baseball style top in a pale pink, I wasn't quick enough but they now have it in white with navy sleeves which is a great neutral top to add to my mix of mostly breton long sleeves.  I'm thinking this may be the one my voucher goes towards!

Lightweight Baseball Tee £19.60 (currently)
I have a glitter spot breton from them that has washed really well, despite me thinking the glitter would go after one wash.  This t-shirt version (minus the stripes) is a classic and if I didn't already have a few spotted tees then this would definitely be winging it's way to me.

Glitter Spot Tee £23.60
I've always played it safe with Boden, I have never personally tried their trousers but have seen them on clients and they look brilliant.  On the eternal hunt for something khaki, these are also on my little wish list.  There are 3 different leg lengths and I can be funny with trousers so unsure of size however my voucher also has free delivery and returns so contemplating these.  Anyone else got some words of wisdom on Boden trouser sizing?

Bella Chino Trouser £47.60 (currently)

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Denim Pinafores & Leopard Joggers!

I'm home and back in the land of good wifi!  The Topshop pinafore dress I talked about back in this post arrived and stayed straight away.  The black didn't as it was out of stock but that's fine, I'm happy with what I have.  It's been the most versatile piece, so easy and different from my other Topshop denim dress that had short sleeves, I love that I can wear things underneath from t-shirts to long sleeved tops.

I can't find this one online now so it's probably best to check your local store.  It was £38 however this one for £35 is very similar.

Topshop Pini Dress £35
In the same order came some joggers.  I love clothes, I really do but truth be told, I am at my most comfiest with my jogging bottoms on at the end of the day.  I've never paid too much attention to them, they just have to fit and feel comfy.  However it's been pointed out on a number of occasions,  the 'saggy bum' that the ones I have give me.....major fashion fail!  So until my freshly planted red robin bushes are high enough to hide me from my neighbours whilst watering them I thought it best I purchase something a little less eye watering.

Leopard Print Jogger £30
No full on shot in these yet, just a late night long road trip to Cornwall!
Bit of an animal print lover me.....
These have done a great job.  They sit slightly higher up than my others - quite possibly why they don't have a saggy bum affect and the print ticks all the boxes for me.  Time will tell what they look like after a few months as the fibre composition isn't great but I took a chance.  I'd even say they look good enough to quite happily pop to the shops in without feeling too disgraced!

Don't forget to check the last of their sales dregs online, I have managed to grab a pair of shoes which are a little marmite; I love them, the rest of my house think they are one of my fashion choices which majorly don't work.  At £20 from £59, suede (my favourite for shoes) and leather lined, I just love the little quirky style of them and think they are worth a gamble.

Top; Topshop however now sold out online I'm afraid.  It was called 'embroidered flute tee' in case you wanted to keep checking.

Monday, 15 August 2016


So I bought my laptop away with me with plans to actually have some time to write whilst the husband is off and can wear the girls out in the park after dinner.  The slow wifi and zero phone signal had other plans and I can't transmit any photos to share :(  I will take a few extra days off (ok, there is no time off when you're a Mum I know) and share with you my Topshop post when I'm back.  The pinafore dress has been a major major success!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Zara Jacket Lust

I had a little day trip to London the other week with friends. It wasn't a shopping trip but we did happen to pass a few and the Zara windows caught my eye. I think I had seen this jacket on one of their emails but it looked just as good in the window so I was desperate to try it on. A quick trip to Milton Keynes with my girls last week and they had one so I popped it on. You know when you just completely love something? No rational, no contemplating how it would work in your life, you just love it? Well this was one of those. I feel it is slightly pricey at £69.99 for a small thin jacket but the detail of the embroidery is probably what has bumped it up.

Of late I've been wearing lots of monochrome so this ticked that box as well as added some colour with the gorgeous flowers on the back.  It did sadly get left behind as I had just purchased a down hooded jacket after a long search for a decently priced one (far too boring and necessary purchase to share on here!).

I also found this MiH shirt in TK Maxx which was heavily reduced to £36.  I was on a time limit already as my girls weren't up for shopping so I grabbed it but it's going back as it is on the large side on me.  I think I'd also prefer to put the money towards the Zara jacket so I'm on a little mission to sell a few items on some pre-loved pages to make up the difference.  With lots of house renovations going on I'm being very frugal at the moment but also loving the selling on of items to pay for new ones.  

A little shout out and thank you to the new Rush hair salon in intu Milton Keynes who have just opened and gave me a trim and sorted my grey roots!  I am still in shock that my girls managed to sit there for 2 hours whilst I had it done but yes, there was a few treats with their M&S lunch as well as an iPod and extra chocolates from the salon!

New Barnet; Rush
Top and Jacket; Boden 
And last but by no means least, one of my shopping partners for that day......The 'naughty' one in her new t-shirt from her cherished Aunty.  Check out the ultra cool New Balance trainers from TK Maxx online, I would wear them!

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