Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Bargain AllSaints Top

I begged the kids and hubby for a half hour in TK Maxx the other week.  It was the Watford store which I know always has some good bits in.  I didn't come out disappointed, I bagged this silk AllSaints top for £17.  Yes 100% silk, yes a great design, yes a fab brand = a happy me!  (more show and tells will follow once I've worn them, there is a few 'pending' purchases).  I love the boxy, loose fit shape.  As I'm favouring skinny jeans again I like my tops to flow a little more to balance out my proportions. 

Seriously, the best shot of a bad bunch of photos!  Natural daylight though
The eldest wanted a piece of the action whilst I was trying out a close up of the print
Back to the bedroom mirror selfies, my hubby needs some photographer tips (although he would say I need to pose better and smile!)
What a cool print - flowers turning to studs
Anyone else found some little gems in TK Maxx recently.  You have to hunt people, have some patience and you will find!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Ash Error (& A Potential Topshop Rectification)

I was in London last week for a few press days and luckily enough there was an Ash sample sale on the same day.  I dragged the lovely Jane along to the sale who was so controlled compared to me who had an armful of shoes to try on.  I had seen some sandals online a while ago from Ash with orange studs (someone remind me if you saw them discounted somewhere too!) and thought they looked really fun.  They had the below £130 down to £65.  I tried them on, liked them, walked away, went back and looked at them again and thought I preferred the black which they didn't have in my size. Not only that, I felt £65 was a lot for a sandal, I only have little feet!

The Ash Milo
Fast forward a week and boy am I regretting not just getting the gold.  Firstly, they are £130 full price as current season.  Secondly, I live in flats in the Summer so why not spend a little more on a really decent pair that also had something else going for them in the way of those funky studs.  Live and learn I say!  I'd easily spend that on a wow factor pair of courts yet as they just seemed like a less substantial shoe I naturally wanted to spend less.  Needless to say I'm on the hunt now.  These dropped into my inbox courtesy of Topshop.  I now need to find my way to store to try them on.

Topshop £39
What's your budget for sandals - would you spend £65?

PS Size 3 in those Ash sandals please if anyone finds them remotely near the sample sale prices!

PPS The Ash also have that Balenciaga feel to them don't you think?  Now at £300 + I definitely won't be wearing those on my feet any time soon!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

My Old Faithfuls

You know when you have a pair of jeans that are very old and up close they really do look it yet they are so comfy and from afar they don't look too bad (in my opinion anyway)?  Here's my Topshop Baxters which are so worn they have naturally faded around the knees (probably will become ripped soon!) however I just can't bear to part from them, they are like a second skin.  Cost Per Wear wise I don't even think they've cost me 1p.  Any new one's I've bought don't seem to fit like these hence I've started trying other styles by Topshop (rate their Joni and Leigh one's at the moment).

Jumper; M&S Cashmere
Belt; J Crew
Jeans; Topshop
Boots; Ash
They were a much darker blue to start!
Do you have some golden oldies lurking in your wardrobe too?

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