Monday, 21 July 2014

The M&S Sale - Be Quick!

I am supposed to be wrapping teacher's and anniversary presents not to mention packing for a few days away but I couldn't not share with you some amazing finds online at M&S.  Here is what I've bought.

Pure silk skirt for my eldest daughter (adjustable waist band as well).  £6.99 from £32.  Buy it here.

Mens suede belt, £25 down to £5.99.  This is for me!  I ordered the baby pink as well but it was marked so I returned that one but I love this coral colour more.  It is the perfect width, not too skinny or fat, result!  See it here.

Excuse the creased shorts, it was the end of a long day!
In keeping with the coral theme, this 100% cotton jumper was £35 down to £12.99 from their Limited collection.  It is fairly chunky so not for now but will be perfect when it starts cooling down.  Find it here.  (Size 18 left only at time of publishing this post!).

Another 100% cotton item, this Conran duvet set, £89 down to £28.99 (with pillow covers).  I was looking for something with more grey in it but still some white and the taupe stripe also breaks it up.  Yet to christen it but I don't doubt it's quality or style.  Find it here.

I always do bulk orders for M&S.  It's so easy to collect in store the next day and return to them too and I would rather do that and not miss out on sizes.  There were however some items that didn't make the  cut (bank was pleased, I was not so, especially on the cashmere front).  

Pure cashmere t-shirt £69 down to £24.99.  It just came up too large and boxy on me, but I adore this so urge someone to try it as I will be happy that I've at least given the amazing purchase to someone else!  Sizes 10-18's left, find it here.  I also ordered an apple green one for my Mum but her's didn't fit either (and is now completely out of stock).  

These Italian made shoes (from the Made In Italy range) were £175 and finally went down to £26.39 but all out of stock.  They just didn't work on my feet but boy were they amazing.  Boxed with dust bags, the whole shoe was leather and so well made.  See here (just teasing you now, I'm sorry).

Now these weren't in the sale but at £19.50 for a leather slider I thought they were a bargain.  Better still, today they have 20% off so are £15.60.  I so wanted these to work as I have a black sandal style hole in my wardrobe but they came up deep.  Fully recommend though, another well made pair of shoes M&S.  Find them here

Moral of the story, hunt down those bargains when M&S go to 70% off!  I put in keywords such as silk, cashmere, leather to find items I love.  Happy shopping!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Royal Ascot Ladies Day

(No, this is not how I time!) 
It was my first time at Royal Ascot this year and I loved every minute of it in the end, but boy was I panicking about the dress code.  I was in the Royal Enclosure where your hat (or the base of it) has to cover 10cm of your head and skirts/dresses not too short.  I went for a H&M dress I bought in London last year (seen in this post).  They've recently bought it out again in a floral print (shown here) but the fabric is a lot thinner.  I love how the dress has structure to it down to the fabric and stitching without it being so stiff it's not flattering and doesn't move.

(excuse these grainy photo's,the best 'outfit' ones I had!)

The dress is a cream/pale peachy flesh colour - hard to describe really but I went along with the pale colour palette and added a very old Topshop blazer in a pale grey.  As my hat was black, I bought in my favourite Topshop necklace just so I had a little dark to complement my headpiece (which also had a cream flower on).  My Gucci shoes and vintage Chanel also in neutral pale tones, I went for a varied shade look!

With A LOT of food packed behind me....
Lots of shades going on, greys, blacks and a warmer cream with the dress

I've never been the most patriotic person which is strange as my parents are but I did come over all funny when I saw the Queen.  I do get fairly excitable over things and this was no exception.  I pushed my way to the front and got to see the lady herself.  Oh and the lawns - I want grass like that!

Of course, I was also slightly excited at the hats and outfits but was on a mission to place my first bet so I only managed to pap a few!

After a few small wins we headed to the track to be a little closer to the action for the final few races.  I soaked up the atmosphere, I love experiencing new things and this was no exception.  I always end up feeling a little over whelmed and quiet, especially when we were then picnicking with the best of them (Sir Steve Redgrave....) in the owners and trainers car park! 

Oh and we bumped into Mr Noel Edmunds as well - he has barely aged and looks amazing for 65.  He was so friendly and chatty to everyone. 

It was a long but perfect day.  For anyone who hasn't been, I fully recommend it.  I am desperate to go again! 
Hat; Jaeger (borrowed)
Bag; Vintage Chanel
Necklace; Topshop

Monday, 14 July 2014

The Skirt Got An Airing!

Well, finally I wore my stripy H&M skirt seen in my last post (and previously here on my blog) to my fabulous friends 40th.  It was still touch and go, I still thought it was borderline a little short due to how much it puffed out but I got over it and really enjoyed wearing it!  

(The white box is a cake I baked - not a unique/odd accessory I'd decided to add!)
I changed my mind last minute and decided to wear my Zara tank top instead of the grey Cos tee.  This was another sale purchase, £35.99 down to £10 and is 55% silk, 45% cotton, I adore it!  So much so I went back online this morning to order another but they have all sold out.  So if you see any in store, I fully recommend it.

I also changed my mind on the shoes (I am very impulsive when it comes to dressing on the actual day - unlike anything else in my life!).  I opted for my black suede Zara shoes as they just felt a tad more 'evening' and glam.  I was planning on my vintage pink Chanel clutch but as I went dark with the shoes, I chose my old faithful black Miu Miu clutch.  

I am slightly addicted to my Topshop flower necklace at the moment (another post where I am wearing it coming soon).  I was bought for me by my lovely (uber stylish) friend Jo years ago.  I tend to wear it loads then give it a break then dig it out again.  Well I've well and truly dug it out again recently.  It's just one of those necklaces that seems to go with everything, the tones and shades in it blend with my outfits and bring it all together.  I need another please Jo Jo!

Considering how much I don't wear skirts, I really loved wearing this one.  It felt very fun and girly for a change, especially with a high heel.  I had my Essie Lollipop nail polish on to add a bright pop of colour to my nails and kept the rest of my jewellery simple.

And finally, just because I am never happy with my photo shots of my outfit, one just before I went to bed as wanted to really show the volume of the skirt.  I am so happy I kept it.  It's always a good idea to push yourself out of your comfort zone from time to time!

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