Sunday, 16 October 2016

A Little Topshop Edit

I'm back!  Illness got the better of me and I gave in to antibiotics in the end (which I hate taking) but I'm finally on the mend so please excuse the lack of silence.  Just before I got poorly I had a day out in London with my lovely blogging friend Jane and before we met I popped to Topshop.  The only item on my mind was a party frock.  I always try and buy way ahead of the time to save the embarrassment of seeing someone else in it.  I really didn't spend long in Topshop, it's amazing how speedy you can be without the kids.  I literally grabbed a load of jeans and some fancy dresses and headed to the changing room.

I put this on and thought no, not quite sure why really.  I'm not a huge dress person so maybe it just felt a little too dressy and fitted.  I then tried on everything else and something made me go back to it.  I think I looked at the photo on my phone of the above and fell back in love with the neckline.  

Monochrome Floral Contrast Dress £100
No I won't wear it with the boots but I needed something on my feet!  I bought it and it's a lot more than I usually spend in Topshop but I felt it needed a proper try on with heels.  It's actually still in the bag as I've just not felt well enough to try it on again.  I think I need to see it with proper shoes as I am still wondering if it's a bit short. 

The socks made the full length shot.....oops!
I loved the idea of this one and decided to try something longer on me.  It just didn't fit properly anywhere and I didn't like the length, I'm petite and felt it was just way too long.  

Fishnet Braid Trim Midi Dress £89
I try to practise what I preach and took in this sparkly midi on the off chance it would work (I knew it wouldn't but you should always try shouldn't you!).  I felt like humpty dumpty.  Ok so the angle of the photo isn't the most flattering but I just don't feel I can carry this style off.  Jane didn't think it looked that bad in the photo and maybe it was just not what I was used to seeing myself in.  I will carry on trying, perhaps the pleats just didn't work.

And this was the petite version! 
How it should look.  Glitter Pleat Midi Skirt £55
Gorgeous little animal number below.  A blouse fabric and very easy to wear.  I just don't have the need for another top like this (saying that, should it go in the sale then maybe I would....).  

Mono Animal Ruffle Blouse £34
The lace one which is completely inappropriate for ice Queen me who feels the cold and can never wear short sleeves in the Winter (aside from said party dress) did get the better of me.  I adore lace.  I adore monochrome.  I couldn't walk away.  This however has also stayed in the bag and hasn't been tried on since.  On reflection of the photos I'm now wondering if it's a bit short in the body for long wasted me - please no when I try it on again!

Lace Ruffle Top £36
I papped this cute little white blouse, a really lightweight crisp cotton.  Perfect with black trousers for a smart look or jeans for a more casual vibe.  

Poplin Ruffle Shirt £34
I also popped in & Other Stories and to be honest nothing much grabbed me.  It all felt a little plain in there until I saw this bag in the sale.  I was so tempted, it was a cotton with leather trim shopper style  down to half price.  It just looked huge on me but I do slightly regret it, I love a throw it all in bag.  It's not online but the bucket bag and purse is.  It doesn't say leather trim online but I searched for the label in the bags and it definitely was.  

& Other Stories £22.50
I went for a monochrome look that day also.  My Topshop top I blogged about last month is now a subtle shade of baby pink......Note to self.  When ill again, don't allow husband to do any washing.  Kids new school cardigans in red with my cream top.  Grrrrr.   

Top & Jeans; Topshop
Boots, Isabel Marant

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Something New From Jockey

When working with clients one to one there is a frequent discussion about underwear.  Whilst some do enjoy wearing control style support, others (myself included) just find it too restricting.  My whole ethos is comfort, style and quality all at a good price.  I was contacted recently by Jockey who have just launched their 'Skimmies' in the UK, one of their top selling women's products in the US.  Naturally I wanted to give them a go as I am always open to new products especially ones that have a write up like these.

First of all lets get this sorted, I won't be modelling them in the flesh for you!  Yes, sharing is caring and that is what I'm doing on here by reviewing them for you however no one needs to see me in that light.  A tiny bit of history thrown in for good measure, the brand started with socks back in 1876 - I like a company with longevity.  

So what did I think?  Well they say they are made from non restrictive material and I can vouch for that.  Having tried other control underwear before, it's nice to be able to breath in these, that helps right?  They are seam free which is another tick for me (I've written before about seam free pants, a few years back now though) as there's nothing worse than a VPL when you're wearing that all important dress or skirt. Personally I preferred the shorter legged ones as I don't tend to need too much length on them, as most of my dresses and skirts aren't long.  I did however prefer the nude as (sorry L, I am admitting this on here much to your discust) I love nude underwear!  I just like it to be as hidden as possibly and the whole nude effect does this perfectly.

There is a lot more available for men on their website, after all, they did design the first ever Y-Front brief in 1935 (they've been around that long?!?!) however I kind of like that there isn't so much choice, just a small simple range.  They are very reasonably priced at £13 and £14 and only available online.  So if you are looking for something a little less restricted to wear under skirts and dresses I would highly recommend these.

NB This is a sponsored post however the review and words are my own and I chose to work with this brand of my own accord.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

A Rare Double French Sole Purchase

It's been a while since I've popped to Bicester Village so I had a rare day off with both my girls now in school and had a good browse.  I knew French Sole had 'moved in' and the range they had to offer didn't disappoint.  I know there are so many other flat style shoes about that are a lot more on trend however for me, the classic ballerina stye works and if it ain't broke.......

Their styles do vary, some show a lot of toe cleavage which isn't for me but I found the above in my sizes, £80 for the metallic and £60 for the animal.  I have the animal already but it's a darker base coloured fur and a red trim.  I love them and they have worn so well being at least 5 years old.  It was a tough call as I loved the metallic however after a few wears I felt the leather would show my toe mark more (which hasn't happened on my current fur ones).  

Not being one to rush into a decision I had them both held then went back at the end and settled on the animal print pair.  As you can see above, my current ones have loosened up a lot.  They do come up small so I go up a size in them and they are still tight.  I got a further 10% off with my VIP card (AA customers - make sure you use this additional offer as it's not known that well!) so at £54 I thought they were a bargain.  They RRP at £135.

Dress; Topshop
Top; Boden
Shoes; French Sole (Bicester Village)
Bag; Prada (Bicester Village)
I wore them the very next day and although they pinched a little, I know they will loosen up.  I am so pleased with them, I love how a little animal print can just add a touch of glam to an outfit.  The sun shone so I wore them with one of my favourite purchases this year, my Topshop pinafore dress.  

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The Change & My Ikea Bargain

I've been meaning to make some updates to my blog for a while now but time always gets the better of me so I've set myself a little deadline and with that in mind, a short post seems the best way to start.  Like most, I am a busy working Mummy but now my second child is in school I will hopefully get back to some more regular writing on here.  My blog started off years ago with no real direction, I just wanted to share great buys with you but it always ended up being of the clothing variety.  Life isn't just about that so my direction on here needs to reflect that too.  I'm an avid bargain hunter, I only want to pay what I think something is worth and if that means waiting for a sale or even until someone travels abroad then so be it!  So you won't just be finding clothes from now on, there will be other items on here and shock horror (like the Zara coat) I do sometimes pay full price for items too!  That being said, quality is always in the forefront of my mind, you do get what you pay for and if it's worth the money, I invest!  I love sharing new finds - that can be anything from clothing to food to makeup so bear with me, my little journey on here is a wobbly road with bits and bobs thrown in along the way for good measure.  

So there will be an updated bio soon, some proper T's&C's for when I do sponsored posts so you fully understand what goes on with them (and the little ad's down the side) and more varied posts.  Oh and a slightly adjusted logo so you know it's me, Natalie and not that my name is Rosie! (NB I will explain the reason behind the name in the updated bio!).  

Based on that, here' s little peak of a chair that I have been after for a while.  It was originally £195 from Ikea (they adjusted the price to £179 in August 2016 though) but it's for a room that isn't currently available yet (current kitchen will be a study/family room next year).  So I saved a search on ebay for a decent second hand one as it's not a desperate need right now.  They are all selling for around the £100 mark but then I happened to stumble across this one last week-end in the 'Bargain Basement' section of Ikea for £69!  My pretty fabulous friend who was on a mission more than myself that day then went ahead and bargained it down further to £55 for me!  It will end up in the garage for a while but I'm going to wash the seat cover and clean the arms up a little but aside from that, it's structurally and fabric wise in a brilliant condition!

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