Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Zara Jacket Review

I went into Zara the other week-end and saw the green coat feaured in this blog post so had to try it on.  It's gorgeous but I still wasn't convinced on the price.  It is unlined but then I guess you wouldn't need it lined for warmth as it's a lighter weight jacket for a reason, but it made it feel un-finished without one.  When it goes down in the sale I may invest although it will probably by Winter then!  I am a stickler for paying only what I believe it to be worth!

Zara Coat £89.99
I still loved this one below (as shown before in the same blog mentioned above) even more so when Look magazine recommended it (after me I hasten to add.....Look, you need me scouting the shops for you!).  It felt a little more worth the pennies in terms of fabric and quality however it is still a more formal style in my opinion.  Love them both, just not the price.

Featured in Look magazine
So instead.......I bought this one!  Recommended by Avril who tried it on and then Sue who pointed out it was £39.99 in Zara's 'Special Price' section.  I mulled it over for 24 hours then hit the checkout button.  It's on the cusp of being a little too warm (especially on the day it arrived) but my warmer knee length coats are too much and I'm not yet ready for a light weight mac.  It has 53% wool and the style is a lot less formal than the two above.  It's not as bright as it seems below by the way!  I still feel there is a place in my wardrobe for either the cream of green one but for now, I am happy with paying the £39.99 for this one. 

I am finally managing to crack a smile in some photos!
Just in case any one has not tried Zara out before for on-line shopping, I fully recommend them.  Free delivery over £50 and it pretty much arrives in 1-2 days.  Not only that, it's so well packed and looked after.  Boxed then wrapped in plastic with a carry handle (it's the small things with me....) then your clothes are all beautifully wrapped in tissue with a cute little sticker to seal them.  You can then arrange for a free home collection if you don't want to keep your items. Easy peasy.  Love them.

Sunshine yellow items used to top up my order for free delivery.  They didn't fit, phew!
Zara is one of my favourite stores.  I always feel inspired when I go in, they have a great mix of stylish classic items and more fashionable pieces.  Here are a few of my favourites right now.

Beaded tunic £59.99
What shops are inspiring you right now?  Gap is working well for me right now as well.


  1. It looks gorgeous on you! I didn't keep mine though I really liked it. I was between a size small and medium which is pretty painful and though the small looked good on, it wasn't comfortable enough for me to be happy with it. The medium had the lapels flapping too much for me so it was a no go but glad it worked out for you but yes - a little warm for now but come September, you will be rocking up the school playground!

  2. Forgot to say - my shop this year has been Uniqlo. I always look at Zara and H&M as I am keen on prices but there's not been much that's been tempting me to get my card out there. There is still time though!

  3. I love the green coat on you, but I know what you mean about paying all that money and it not being lined and finished all that well! The pink coat is such a great colour on you, really suits you!

    I've bought a few bits from the usual places like Topshop, Zara and Gap. I've bought 3 pairs of shoes from M&S, so I am having a bit of a moment with them! No clear winner store-wise for me yet! I have not bought a single item from H&M since Christmas though which is highly unusual for me! xx

  4. I love both jackets on you; I think I like the cream one the best (a little bit different) I am having a bit of thing for Mango at the moment. H xx

  5. Yes Natalie!! You chose so well. Who cares that you can't wear it at the moment, you will have it to look forward to later in the year x

  6. You made the right choice - the pink coat looks amazing on you and your facial colour lights up in it.

    What a shame the yellow didn't fit.

    I always do that ie fill my basket full of random items (I order in 3 sizes too big to make sure I'm not seduced!) to get free delivery!

  7. Since shopping the sale in Zara I have been a little addicted! I saw a beautiful pale blue coat I was going to pick up but they were already marked in the shop so felt it wasn't worth while. The coat hunt is still on, glad yours was a success!

  8. I love it on you Natalie & the beaded tunic is stunning! I do love how Zara stuff is packed - it makes it all so extra special! xx


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