Monday, 14 April 2014

The Un-expected Trainer Purchase

Posts are a little light at the moment, Easter break, lots of catch up appointments for the kids, lots of work for me and just got over a bought of tonsillitis means little updates - I'm sorry!  However, I do have these little bobby dazzlers to show you.  As my blog is predominantly about my bargain hunting shopping addiction/problem, it would be rude not to share the below.  

My love for outlets holds no bounds so on the way back from a mini break in Cornwall, I insisted we stopped at the Clarks outlet in Somerset to get the girls new shoes.  My husband has had a thing about Onitsuka Tiger trainers for a while and dragged me to their store down Carnaby Street the other week.  He left minus the pair he had his eye on as they weren't as good on.  It wasn't meant to be as there was a Asics shop with the Onitsuka Tiger line in at this outlet.  I wrote a post about the trainer trend back in February for British Style Bloggers and when I write about trends, they nearly always seem to work their way into my life a little later on.  I like to have time to warm to things first!  With a further 20% off all styles, me, the husband and my eldest daughter all grabbed a pair of bargain trainers. 

These were originally £75 down to £22 then £17.60 with the further discount.  I was torn between these and a more expensive pair but as I was a little dubious I wouldn't get enough wear out of them, I opted for the cheaper ones.  They are so comfortable, I can't wait to give them an airing.  I love the yellow stripe and the vintage black suede effect, I feel young and hip.....until I look at my grey hairs peeping through!

(Lizzie the cat trying to get in on the action - again!)
I have the weirdest cats!
So have you warmed to the trainer trend yet then?


  1. They are lovely - I actually love these for the style and the price!

  2. They look really cool. I like them a lot. H xx

  3. As soon as I saw them, I thought Onitsuka Tigers! I've just snaffled a pair in a size 3 for my Ben (he has big feet and only age 8). One size up, I could have borrowed them. His are really soft black leather and suede with blue and red details. I seriously think he has the coolest trainers in his class - how sad is that? And who can argue with a bargain price of £18.

  4. What a bargain, you really are the Queen of us bargain hunters. They are really cool x

  5. Sue - these were a 3! They came up fairly large, I was in a 4 for the other styles. Not sad at all - cool!
    Thank you ladies, may take them for a spin tomorrow! x

  6. They are an amazing find - I love the colour combo and am totally sold on the trainer trend.

    Your blog is rather fabulous as well, so pleased I've just found you and I will look forward to reading other posts x

  7. What a bargain!! They are great especially at that price! xx


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