Thursday, 7 November 2013

L.K.Bennett, Marylebone High Street

I had the pleasure of being invited to an L.K.Bennett fashion evening at the beautiful Marylebone Hotel last week.  As with most things in my life, it was a rush to get out the house but once I got there I was greeted and welcomed with drinks and canapés (my favourite food, bite size little nibbles, keep them coming!).  The hotel is a little hidden gem if you are near the area and looking for a boutique style hotel, it's part of the exclusive Doyle Collection.  I have to say my favourite photo I took was that of the animal print chair in the toilets!  I do love an animal print.

Please can I have one???
Ok and on with more important things than interiors; the shoes, the clothes, the colour.  I want to go shopping!  I love that their pieces are individual enough to wear alone but still work well together.  The show was put together by the staff at their Marylebone High Street store themselves, how dedicated to have staff willing to do this?  I guess it speaks volumes about the brand.

NB I am not a photographer by trade, my photo's reflect that but you get the gist!

I love the blue and gold together
They match their clutches to their shoes oh so well
Colour pop court!
Sleek and sophisticated 
And on the model, stunning.  A timeless classic cut
Working those ankle boots with abstract print and bold colour
I LOVE this coat
Gorgeous striped fur, really adds some character to the dress
Working that tailored suit in the monochrome trend
Bright orange is still a key on trend colour
I love this look.  Chic pencil skirt with a twinkling pretty top
Hello purple!
Of course the show wouldn't have been complete without the staple LBD
Ooh la la!  Look at those leggings and spangly top!
Letting the rear view do the talking
I of course wore my L.K.Bennett shoes.  Their second airing in less than a week.  I wanted to dress them down slightly as I did have a commute to do (in ballet pumps!) so wore my Ralph Lauren chino's but picked out the pink/nude colours from the shoes in my Warehouse top.

Accessories were kept minimal, it was all about the shoes.  Just a few bracelets (Tiffany and Marc Jacobs)
Just peeping through is my Hugo Boss black belt, a charity shop find from Marylebone High Street!  (And Lizzie the cat getting in the way again). 
I love Marylebone High Street, it feels so different to the normal hustle and bustle of say Oxford Street. Like 'old London'.  Think fromagerie's, hidden parks (like the one at the end of the Notting Hill film when they are on the park bench!) and some great boutique style shops.  Drop into L.K.Bennett, you can be sure that Natasha (store manager) and her amazing team will give you a very warm welcome.  

PS this is not a sponsored post, I was just invited and I like to share.  Just in case anyone was thinking that this was a tarnished view!


  1. Love your outfit Natalie & some lovely pieces from the L K Bennett fashion show too. Sounds like the perfect way to spend the evening drooling over gorgeous clothes with cocktails & nibbles....bliss! xx

  2. You look very funky, I have to confess as much as the quality of LK B is pretty good for the price, I am never sure if I am meant to shop there or my mum, and the fashion show still doesn't do much to convince me either way!

  3. Thank you Jane, it was a fantastic evening.
    Oh wow - really? I would love to see your Mum in those faux leather leggings te he! I think they have come a LONG way and at just shy of 33 I shop there and so does my 37 year old sister. I especially love their shoes.x

  4. My mum was in faux leather leggings before I was! To be fair she is very cool. She spends a fortune on clothes, much more than when she was younger, her rationale is any moment now I could be dead/ have a a heart attack/ stroke etc so I am going to wear every single fashionable thing that I possibly can before it's too late.

  5. She does sound like one very cool Mum, good for her x


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