Saturday, 9 November 2013

Dorothy Perkins 20% Off Everything

Happy week-end everyone! If you are in need of some retail therapy (when is there a time you are not?!?) Dorothy Perkins are offering 20% off of everything, on line and in store.  I was in their Oxford Street branch the other week and found some amazing leather handbags and a faux fur coat.  I was impressed with what they had, lots of cute knits as well.  

Suede £55, now £44, also in grey and black
Suede £35, now £28 also in black and blush
Ooops, forgot to note price!  Can't see exact online but they are around £69/£79 then a further 20% off
I just typed 'leather' into their search bar and loads came up - if you are after boots, worth a look too.

£55 NOW £24, leather, free delivery to store......I think I just might!
They sell Ravel and Jessica Simpson boots also.  

Ravel £75, now £60 
Jessica Simpson £115, now £92
Merry Christmas!  £29, now £23.20
Quote FASHIONFIX online.  Happy shopping at Dorothy Perkins!


  1. I ordered the pewter boots as I had been trawling the net for grey and these seemed to be the closest to what I was looking for! They are a fab shape and perfect heel but they had some stripey markings running down the front which I wouldn't be able to live with even for £24 so they went back :0( If you take the plunge and order I hope you have better luck than me as I was gutted! x

  2. I am such an idiot, I put the laptop down went back later and the lot gone! I am hoping they might be in store as going out tomorrow so will have a look. I may well be gutted too! x

  3. Some great finds Natalie & I'm loving all those ankle boots, especially the pewter & tan.....I must resist!!!! xx


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