Monday, 11 November 2013

Superdry & a Stocking Filler (of the make-up variety...!)

I was lucky enough to be sent some make-up to try from Superdry.  I've blogged before about their beauty range and how good I thought it was, but I hadn't tried their eye-shadows.  This new box set is a perfect stocking filler.  It's priced very reasonably at £15 and sold on-line and in their stores.  It has nine  different shades and packaged cheerfully, it's a winner.  I also like that it is really light in weight, especially if you travel a lot.  I've been using the darker grey (with the pink dots) a lot so far.  It has a slight sheen/sparkle to it without it being too much.  

£15 Pop Eyes Palette  
And just in case you thought Superdry were only for the young girls, here's proof they aren't from their Spring Summer 14 collection.

The 'Pink' Coat - a la their more hip take, in leather!
I love this chunky knit
Don't forget their watch range, I neglected a photo of it but their rose gold one is gorgeous, see it here
I had to put this in - something for the festival goers!
Gorgeous powder blue, photo doesn't do it justice
Great idea to do the same short in two different lengths for their customer.  The longer pair will be perfect for me on the school run
Navy and lace, winning combination.  Great everyday colour with a touch of femininity
The weight of this shirt - next to nothing. The material was amazing to touch
I tried to get a close up to show you the sheen to it but it still doesn't come through that well.  Gorgeous fabric.
And my favourite from their current range;

The leather was such good quality
Thank you Amy for allowing me to sample your eyeshadows and for a lovely preview into the goodies you have coming for next year.  Now off you go Winter, I want to get those shorts on!

PS free delivery and returns online with them at the moment.  Happy shopping!


  1. That's a really nice selection. I didn't realise they do skincare and make up too. Thank you x

  2. They've been doing it for less than a year so its's still very young, but the products they have done have been done so well. The lip balms and coconut hand cream is amazing x

  3. Love this brand! Think I have like four jackets of them.


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