Thursday, 14 November 2013

A Mango Dress and BareMinerals Update

I had a half an hour window of shopping opportunity whilst in London last week so I decided to only go into shops I don't regularly shop in.  It was a damp, wet day and I was tired and to be perfectly honest had not really made much effort with my clothes that day.  I felt scruffy and needed some inspiration.  Que Mango.  Thank you!  You know when you just see something and think "that's it, that's my shape", well luckily for me this dress shouted at me that day.  I love wearing green, I have hazel eyes so feel it works well for me.  At £34.99 I thought it was a very good price.  It was looser on the top (where I need to add volume) and skimmed my hips to finish at a good length on me.  I want to wear more dresses so this is perfect.  I am however yet to wear it…..something about this cold weather just makes we want to live in thick jeans and cashmere jumpers and little else variety wise.  I will pull myself out of it to bring you a photo of me in it soon, I promise.  But until then, here it is.  I must add I was impressed by their offering.  Yes they had the usual over inflated high street prices on some of their range, but parts also seemed to be really fair, like this dress.  Well worth a good look if you are near one.  They had a good balance between evening, day and work wear. 

I love it with the bare legs however mine will be worn with tights!

I like the small print, anything too large over-whelms me and my shortness!
After nearly 2 years I've finally finished my bareMinerals loose powder foundation (yes I know I was probably not supposed to keep it this long).  I wear a Mac powder every day but use this when I want a more polished look for going out.  Not that I have loads of Christmas parties lined up but I am anxious to replace it soon.  I popped into Boots and tried their new 'Ready Foundation' which looked just like a pressed powder.  I was told it had slightly more coverage than the loose powder I'd been using from the starter kit.  Part of me wants to try something else but do you know what, I just don't feel like it deserves my precious time right now.  It just seems easiest to go back to the brand I've been using and like and try their newest product, saving me time and also money on a brand that might not work for me.  Lame I know, but with tinted moisturisers and liquid foundations, I just don't like getting my fingers dirty!  My hands are so chapped this time of year anyway, they don't need an extra wash in the morning.  I only had it on for about 4 hours, but was impressed in that time, it looked natural and stayed put.  I also liked that you can use the Mineral Veil from the starter kit I have with it to set it.  So if anyone else has tried this, please do share before I spend my Boots points on it!

bareMinerals Ready Foundation £25

PS The hubby thought I was mad admitting to wanting a Juicy Couture tracksuit (at the right price I hasten to add).  Can I just share these pictures from their Regent Street windows please?  Not so 'tacky tracksuit' hey?!  


  1. That dress will look absolutely fabulous on your sweetheart! And if you want a JC trackie, you buy one..... hmmm!!!!

  2. My eldest daughter always wears Bare Minerals and swears by it, so if you love it, then repurchase. As for Juicy Couture, I've been wearing it since it first hit the UK many years ago, I think I only have one pair of bottoms left now but it's great loungewear which has lost it's WAG tag!

  3. I've got my cashmere joggers on and they've reminded me of their comfort. I don't really need a JC tracksuit…..!
    I need to browse Mango more Fiona!

  4. Please can you post a link to the Mango dress. I can't seem to find it online. Thanks.

  5. Oh no, it seems to have sold out on line! It was in the day dresses section, they have loads of great printed dresses. However if you were after it for that style, try this Check Shirt Dress as is pretty much the same apart from print.


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