Sunday, 17 November 2013

Some New Brands (To Me!) To Share

One of the things I love about PR company press days is discovering new brands and being able to see them in the flesh, especially brands that are only based online.  The lovely ladies at Bright Light PR are always a pleasure to see, thank you to them for allowing me to come along and browse.  Here are my two favourites.  Now this first brand was on to a winner as 1. it has part of my name in (Nat) and 2. they are leather handbags, not a lot can go wrong from here on in.  Introducing 'nat & nin'.  The leather was amazing.  It's not often I really get excited by new leather bag brands, it takes a lot.  However the colour palettes were just perfect, think taupes, neutrals and the quality of the finish was immaculate.  Here is what's coming from their Spring/Summer 2014 collection next year.

This is a man's bag, but could easily double for a woman.  Ideal for travel.

My favourite by far.  The strap can be tucked in turning a day bag to an evening clutch.  The magnetic clasp under the flap made the closure fuss free and secure.

Larger day style bags.
Another brand that grabbed me was Annie Haak Designs and namely her unique yard of gold bracelet.  I mainly wear white gold and silver but I would like to wear a bit of rose gold for some reason.  Maybe as it's Winter I feel the need for a bit more warmth in the colour of my jewellery.  I loved the idea of this piece, it's literally a continuous yard of gold beads that slip on over the hand and are loosely held together with a ring of gold.  Available in silver (£128) and yellow gold (£148) as well.  It is currently on sale from £210 down to £155.  I am seriously tempted as I've been looking for a special piece of jewellery to remember someone by and this really grabbed me.  It's also really rare I find a bracelet that fits me so well, they are usually so large on me.

I had a great day in London that day, also meeting up with Avril from School Gate Style.  Here she is trying on some funky glasses at another press day and still looking fabulous.

And what I wore.  Thank you Avril for taking some photos as I always forget to.

Grey cashmere jumper; H&M
Chino's; Ralph Lauren (TK Maxx)
Blet; Topshop
Blazer; New Look

Necklace; Primark

Handbag; Prada
Shoes' French Sole (Atterley Road)


  1. Aw...lovely post to remind me of our day in London - thank you for being my guide for the day. ADORE that bag and those looked amazing that day, Axx

  2. Wow what more could a girl want than to find new brands in both bags & jewellery - both great ways for updating outfits. I also absolutely love your red bag & ballet pumps Natalie, just stunning xx

  3. beautiful bags, I'm all about the leather too!

  4. Thank you, have been feeling the 'red' of late! Alexandra the leather really was superb, highly recommend.x

  5. I absolutely love the rose gold bracelet.I have a few rose gold pieces that I've worn recently. Some gorgeous handbags too from nat and nin xxx


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