Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Purchase & The Returns: Ralph Lauren & New Look

I do tend to be fairly lucky when I hit TK Maxx or maybe it's just my radar, I can smell out a good find!  Another Ralph Lauren beauty.  This chunky knit cardigan was £130 down to £39.99.  'Because you really needed another cardi' says the hubby.  Well, um, yes, I do when it's quality like this, don't I? Help me out here people.  I love the neon threads through it, it makes me feel that bit more on trend (I'm a stylist about style, not all trends make it into my wardrobe!).

I missed out on these from Dorothy Perkins the other week and was gutted as I then spent a day searching for something similar.  In my blog post here, they were down to £24, I didn't manage to get them at this price but at £27 for leather I jumped at them.  I have to say, the leather was superb, really soft but not so much so they would loose their shape.  The decider came with the actual ankle part.  They were just too wide and loose and my jeans didn't sit comfortably over then.  Gutted.  

Next up were these leather lovelies from New Look.  £60 down to £45 as I had a 25% voucher.  The leather was slightly stiffer and I wasn't feeling the rounded toe so much.  A great heel height for day wear though.  

I LOVE these and still do, even though I returned them.  I just felt they looked a little too masculine on me and they also came up a bit large, making my feet feel like boats.  Not ideal being suede, I am after a leather boot really but as I was placing the order I thought it was worth a go.  £60 down to £45 also, gorgeous colour tone on them.

The onesie.  I have been wanting one for a year.  Down to £15 in New Look at the moment.  Mmmmm.  I didn't fall in love so they went back.  I don't think I'll be going for a foot covering one.  Being short they were so long.  The other style just didn't feel as comfortable, the crotch was so low I kind of felt like I was wearing a nappy………

Come on, admit it, you have a onesie, you love it and I'm missing a trick here right?!?!?

I'm off to 'capsule pack', my absolute worst nightmare.  I am going to visit my sister in Dublin for the week-end and to save pennies decided a carry on would be best and quickest.  I forgot that I hate packing at the best of times and this it has already given me a headache.  Wish me luck. 

PS if you're looking for a 'decent' Christmas jumper, give Urban Outfitters a try, £1 delivery at the moment also.   Oh and it's national 'Christmas Jumper Day' on the 13th December in case you forgot to put the date in your diary!

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