Tuesday, 5 November 2013

New Purchases From Zara & H&M

I don't know about you but with the dark, cold nights it's made me less inclined to add any colour to my wardrobe and more about adding warmth and comfort.  With this in mind (and a few on-line vouchers floating about) I ordered a grey round neck cashmere jumper from H&M.  It is £39.99 however I paid £28.89 with postage.  There are some codes about still, try 1304 for £5 off and 0560 for 25%, they both worked together. I have worn it three times already.  £28.89 for a cashmere jumper = bargain.

I've just sent the link through for this black cashmere scarf to my family for a hint hint nudge nudge for Christmas.  Strangely enough I have a hole in my wardrobe for just a plain black scarf. More often than not I have plain tops and add a patterned scarf but there has been times I have the reverse.

H&M £34.99
I had a huge tip off from the lovely Joanna over at Poppy's Style who did this post on fur gilets and trying to find the right one. Her daughter had a Zara kids one.  I loved it.  Not having a Zara local to me I took a chance and waited until I popped into one with a kids section.  It wasn't in the store I went into in London last week but there were others so I could try on the size.  I went for the XL in kids and it's perfect.  A lot longer than I thought which is an added bonus as I am quite long in the body.  Like my cashmere jumper, I've worn it several times already.  That is always key for me.  If I buy something and at least go to wear it within a week, it's definitely meant to be.  On the other hand, the fun jumper I blogged about in this post was returned!  No matter how cheap and quirky it was, I just couldn't bring myself to spend a penny on a jumper I believed would last a few washes.  It may have proven me wrong, but I am pleased I invested in my cashmere instead.

Zara £22.99
Wearing it with my grey H&M cashmere underneath
As this is my blog, I've always been honest.  I do not shy away from the fact I still harbour a desire for a Juicy Couture velour tracksuit.  I still think they look comfortable (and ok, yes, cool).  I just haven't parted my cash for one yet!  I did however find this in TK Maxx today for my eldest.  It's going away for Christmas but at £9.99 for 100% cotton and designer, I thought it was a fab deal.  She may not appreciate it just yet (well some days she does) but I will enjoy watching her wear it!

PS If you are after the cashmere at H&M, under the ladies section, look in 'This Week' then 'Premium Quality products'.

PPS The hubby just asked if I was really going to admit to my readers that I thought the JC tracksuits were 'cool', um hell yeah, warts and all!


  1. LOVING the gilet! I need a good one but fear I'm just too big for a chills one!


  2. Thanks for the Zara special buys tip, bought a gorgeous green winter coat for £30. Fabulous.

  3. I actually got round to finding some of the cashmere pieces in an H&M store last week and got to try the grey one on. And yes at £29 approx - it's a steal. And you will probably get tons of wear out of it. It's grey, it's cashmere - what's not to love?

  4. I love that Poppy has become a fashion icon! That furry vest looks so cute on you!

  5. I love all your new purchases Natalie & what a fab idea about the children's gilet....just wish I could fit into them!! x

  6. Ditzy Mummy, yippee! Well done, loved the green.
    Poppy indeed has, clever little lady! I can't take the credit for the idea Jane, Poppy has good taste (as does her Mummy!) x

  7. Oh wow daughter no1 would love that JC set! You are such a bargain hunter! X

  8. I am known for finding the odd bargain or two Hollie.....!x


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