Sunday, 3 November 2013

Next Bloggers Network Workshop

I had the pleasure of attending Next's first ever Blogger's Network Workshop last week.  I went completely blind as to what to expect.  Starting with my commute in.  I had planned on the trains but St Jude had started and trains were being cancelled left right and centre.  I decided to drive into London (probably about 50 miles from my house).  I love driving into London so it didn't bother me in the slightest, I just planned a little extra time and to drive slower.

London bound!
Pleeeeease let me make it to London!

The event was held at The Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch (fab venue if you're near).  We were greeted by Gemma from Jam (who sends the friendliest of emails I want to add, lovely lady) and welcomed into the 'kitchen' for a cuppa.

The fully working kitchen and breakfast, yum!
We were then split into 3 groups for 3 different sessions.  I won't bore you with all the details (boring for you, not for me that is!) but needless to say the sessions were so informative for us Bloggers.  I am so thankful to Next for organising such an event, it was a great day full of hints and tips for us bloggers, with guest talkers from other very successful blogs.  Namely, Abisola from Abimarvel, Emily from Fashion Foie Gras, Kit from Style Slicker, Lily from Lilypebbles, Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup and the very blog design savvy Faye from FK Designs.  All of whom were so friendly and humble about their achievements.

Eyes open shot, I'm good to you I know.
I am honest enough to admit, I was having serious wardrobe malfunctions leading up to the event.  I wanted to be comfortable yet feel smart and confident therefore height would be needed with some heels.  Court shoes and skinny jeans it was.  Plus probably my favourite top by Pyrus, I really need to visit their store and buy some more.  It has silk in it (one of my favourite fabrics) and washes so well without loosing shape.  I love how it fits and feels.  Teamed with my Next chain statement necklace (£12) and my Moschino shoes (very very old TK Maxx buy) and voila.  (Obviously I drove in Uggs!). Oh and saving the best until last, my Chanel handbag which was a charity shop find, I know I am a lucky lady, someone was watching over me that day.

Some pictures from the day.

Hollie from Mummy, Wife and Chaos was just as pleased as me to see the sweetie station!
There were just a few outfits on show with a couple of rails to browse through.  I love the biker jacket with the elegant dress look, really adds some va va voom to it all! 
'Cheese'!  Hollie, me & Aimee-Jade from Bella La Moda
The lovely Monica from The Elgin Avenue's fab Next shoe boots
Afternoon tea, we were well and truly looked after
Check out Sandra's jumper who blogs over at The Chicest, roar! 
Because they deserved a close up all of their very own.
Thank you Gemma from Spreading Jam agency!
The scariest part of my day?  The storm? Nope.  Driving my car into a lift to get into the car park.....
Thank you Next for a fabulous day.  I think you can safely say it was a success and has left me seriously impressed with the effort made by you to engage with your bloggers.  Now bare with me readers, after all that I've learnt, some changes will be taking place to make this a better read for you!


  1. I didn't see your tweet till late on in the afternoon to say you were by Watford which is why I said you should have swung past and picked me up along the way! Not that I'd been invited or anything but it would have been a really interesting day.

    Can't wait to see what tweaks and changes will be happening to your blog - hopefully something we can all learn from.

  2. Sounds like a fab day Natalie & you look totally stunning...can't believe you managed to find that Chanel bag in a charity shop!!!! Jxx

  3. The lift situation was so funny. You genuinely were scared!

  4. Aw I am so pleased you had a great time Natalie! Was so lovely to meet you!!


    The Elgin Avenue

  5. Oh no Sue! I would have done as well! And you so would have been welcome.
    Scared doesn't cut it Hollie!
    Ditto Monica!
    Oh & Jane, I believe Chanel was meant to be in my life!
    PS Apologies to Lily for putting a double 'L' in her name, amending now, I blog too late into the night! x

  6. It looked like such an amazing day! The grub looked yummo too & I don't think I'd of liked that lift much either!! Chanel in a charity shop?! You lucky girl! <3 Ax


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