Sunday 13 May 2018

Why Hello There! (Holiday Style Post)

I've properly had writers block and no matter how much I've wanted to, felt I had nothing to share that was very relevant or worth a read.  Do people even still read blogs anymore?!?!  I hold my hands up to visiting Instgram daily, it's quick and easy, who has time to sit and read properly these days?  However I do miss sitting and writing/sharing things on here so even if there's one reader still lurking out there, this is for you!  I decided to stop over thinking things (a little like the name we can't decide on for our puppy - yes, we're gong down the puppy route!) and just plonk a load of holiday snaps on here that maybe can inspire you for some looks.  Again, hands up, blog photos have been neglected and these were all taken for the squares of Insta but I promise from now on to take the original size shots for here to make it more readable.

So onwards and upwards.  Here are some of my favourite holiday looks, we went to Disney World so it was mainly comfort based.

These are the best denim shorts I've found and I kept meaning to blog about them last year but never got around to it.  A little like the camel coat saga, denim shorts were on my wish list for what seems like forever.  Any ones that I deemed 'cool' enough sat too far up my derriere and any that sat lower seemed a little frumpy for my petite height.  They are from Gap which I know for most can be hit and miss re sizes but just hold them up and look at them for sizing more than anything and try try try.  Top is an old Zara sales find for £12.99 in Winter time, hat was Warehouse, again a sales find for £10 and leather rucksack was from a preloved shop but by Jigsaw.  It's gold so adds a touch of glam but it is well used now by me and I'm not precious about it so it is perfect for this type of holiday.  

Pretty sure these are them!  They do different leg lengths and these are the 5" which are currently on sale at £24.47.  A choice of washes also available.
A Zara jumpsuit below - I know - it looks like a dress but it has shorts underneath, highly recommend it!  Recently found another little black Summer dress from them too which I will share but I haven't worn it yet.  Is it me or have they dropped their price points? Anyway, I'm loving them right now and could easily spend a fortune which I don't have!

Zara Short Embroidered Jumpsuit Dress £29.99
They are totally different......I've told myself that a few times as did my mate who was with me when I purchased it!  Oh and being pretty short has it's benefits as it doesn't sit at this length on me.

Zara Short Frilled Dress £29.99

Two of my US purchases.  J Crew scalloped shorts and a cool t-shirt, both under £15 each.  I love the outlets in America!  

I know I'm repetitive but two more sales purchases; a Whistles t-shirt which was via Very and my Marant skirt via the Harrods Winter sale.  I started to regret the skirt as thought I'd picked up the wrong size but it was fine in the end.  I don't find it the easiest of skirts to style, I still wasn't happy with the t-shirt combo but I was in holiday mode so went with it but it needs some more playing with now I'm home (and if we get the weather here!). 

The denim shorts again, with a little Topshop t-shirt and my favourite Adidas sliders - sooooo comfortable.  I tracked them down a few years ago via Asos

My current favourite striped t-shirt from Topshop £12
Adidas Sliders reduced to £19
No, I didn't purchase, I was just window shopping for my 40th in a few years!  Dress is Topshop and cardi/jacket is Zara.  Chanel keep upping their prices, grrrrrr, at least another one increase before I would be ready to buy - well um, I say ready, lets see how the saving go!

Topshop Pinafore £36

I'll end on this note.  He arrives Monday.  Wish me luck! 


  1. I'm one of the readers still reading your blog posts. It's good to see you posting again and see what great items you have brought.

    1. Hello Kelly - thank you SO much for 1. reading and 2. commenting - means a great deal. Have a fab week-end x

  2. I'm a reader too :) Nice post, lovely holiday style.. yes, lovin' Zara at the moment. Puppy is gorgeous.

    1. Hello & thank you too! Isn't Zara doing well - a little to well when you're trying to not spend! Thank you, he's a cutie that's for sure and is settling in very well.x


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