About Me

I'm particularly hot on fibre compositions and how well made an item is.  I'm not a follower of fashion trends as such, I am more into dressing really really well with great, functional, stylish pieces.  I do like throwing a high fashion item in here and there.  Cashmere, silk, cotton, leather, natural materials all get my vote.  I am a little obsessive about that. 

About Me
A self confessed shopaholic who loves to find a bargain.  I am a Mummy to two beautiful little ladies, a wife, daughter, sister and friend you get the gist.

I created GlamRosie in 2010 as I wanted to share my style, tips and great buys with an interested audience.  Shopping on a budget has always been what I'm about.  If there's a deal to be found, I will usually find it and if it's not for me, it is bought for someone else.  Quality being key with a budget.  There's a place for throw away fashion but you need to have the basic, stylish pieces to start with.

I am very realistic about my style, being a busy Mum does not allow for daily heels but I always try to make an effort in my presentation.  When I get the opportunity to go all out though, I love creating outfits and perfecting a look.

Before creating GlamRosie, I studied at London College of Fashion and worked in buying for a high street retailer for over 8 years. I was also selected out of hundreds of applicants as a Personal Stylist for Mary Portas when she was launching her new line in House of Fraser, London. Unfortunately it was not my time and I chose to pass on this fantastic opportunity due to expecting my second child, but it was truly an honour to have been chosen.

From these small beginnings I started as a freelance Personal Stylist to go even further in my quest to help people shop, not just through sharing my habit via my blog, but teaching people how to do it well!  www.glamrosie.co.uk

The Nosey Bits
Because we all like to know about the person who's writing right?
  • Born in January 1981 - you can do the Math for my current age and I am a Capricorn through and through.
  • I arrived in the UK after leaving my birth country Auckland, New Zealand age 4 and I still miss the sea to this day.
  • I met my husband aged 19 - yes, I was very lucky and he's pretty ace.
  • Exhausted Mummy to 2 little ladies.  My first was born 10 weeks premature - I still class her as a miracle as it's been a hell of a journey so far.  My second is a whirl wind of  child and permanently has us in stitches.
  • I'm very little, a proper petite lady (my Uncle told me I was not small, I was 'petite' so it stuck).  Just found out I'm 5'2" - I have been adding on an extra 2'' for a few years, oops!
  • My middle name is Rose, hence the blog name.  It just came about over a decade ago when I was playing with words one day.
  • I absolutely hate having my photo taken so sharing outfit photo's isn't easy for me.  It takes approx 50 to get one with both my eyes open!
I hope you enjoy reading my blog, please do follow me on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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