The Small Print

People often ask how you make money from a blog and it's only in the last year I've really learnt - my blog has been 'alive' for 6 years now.  So you will see the little adverts for brands I like on my blog, well if you click and buy something via my blog, then the brands kindly give me a few percentage commission.  It doesn't cost you, they are just kind enough to share their earnings due to me 'chauffeuring' you to their website.  The same goes for some links on my blog.  I don't get paid to write my blog, it's just something I like to do so to earn a small amount from it does feel rewarding, I admit that.  I will share openly though when a post has been sponsored - so a brand has asked to work with me and has gifted me an item to review or paid me to write about them.  Just like adverts in magazines, my blog is my 'magazine' and sometimes I'm lucky enough that brands want to use my voice as a platform to target an interested audience.  I am picky though, I won't share something I don't think fits so you will only see items I like.

Views are my own, it's rare I will let a brand send me text to upload.  I like to talk so I like to write!  It's my words on here and my opinions on what I am writing about.  I work with carefully selected brands, brands I like and believe in and generally just really nice people.  I like nice people, we need more in this world.

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