Wednesday 7 March 2018

A Few Mothers Day Gift Ideas

It's a bit of a comfort post for gifts, some snuggly treat ones!  I'm a sucker for a candle but I also am very particular that the majority I burn are natural or soya wax (Diptyque a huge exception to the rule).  One of my absolute favourites is the Parks Aromatherapy range which I grab from TK Maxx for £9.99 a candle.  I like to light them at night time especially.

This was a larger one in the most beautiful glass jar.  (stunning vintage roses - Aldi)
They burn evenly so there's no waste.  

You can pick them up in store and in HomeSense but there's a few lovely gift box sets online here

The Clarins hand cream above I bought from duty free last year but at the time John Lewis sold them as a trio set.  It smells amazing but there's another set out currently that has a lovely range of scents.  
Clarins White Flowers Trio Set £25

As we've got the candle, some nice hand creams it would be wrong not to include the Queen of all comforts - a nice new hoodie!  Love this one from Uniqlo and grey is my perfect sweater colour. 

Hoodie £24.90

Whilst we are on the grey jumper side, the lovely Susie So So popped this one up on her Insta feed the other day.  So up my street.  80% merino and 20% cashmere and a great price too. 

Cashmere Merino Cable Jumper £55
And finally, a firm fail safe gift for me, something Emma Bridgewater!  I popped to Bicester Village at the week-end (no pleasure for me, watching my hubby spend his birthday pennies!) and saw this gorgeous new print called Rainbow Dots.  They had a few pieces in but there's only 6 in the range anyway.  I just really fell for it.  I think the candle and jug were my favourites but was in a rush so not the best photo's I'm afraid but you get the idea.

Plate £19.95 (£12.95 at Bicester)

Rainbow Dots Flower Candle £17.95 (Bicester outlet were cheaper - around the £10 mark)
Rainbow Dots Jug £34.95 (£25.95 at Bicester)

Well ok, I did window shop....This Gucci scarf and bag was on my 'lust list' from December.  Santa obviously thought I wasn't well behaved last year.  No comments please.  Bag stayed in stock (reduce it more Gucci?!?!) scarf didn't but just came back in - when I've totally spent all my Christmas and Birthday money.  Life just isn't fair is it.  I will leave you with these beauties.  Princess signing out now.  

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