Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The Face Cream Post

I know I haven't done anything remotely clothes related for a while but as I'm already struggling to fit in blogging, I'm just going to share what floats my boat at the time being so bear with me!  I've been meaning to share this little gem of a night cream for a while now.  I saw the reviews on it and thought I'd give it a try.  I am impressed Marks & Spencer!  It goes on so well, really feels like it sinks into the skin.  It does have a scent (which I noticed wasn't favoured in the reviews) but I don't find it over powering at all.  

Marks & Spencer Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream £22 
I have enjoyed it so much that when another deal came up I bought this bundle.  The night cream was free when you bought the other two products and then I had 20% off with my Sparks card so it was a little over half price for the lot.  I only use face cream with SPF in now, no matter what the weather.  It's not the Absolute range but the reviews were still good so I will report back.  Serums are something I haven't got into yet but keep hearing they are a must so thought it was worth a go.

Marks & Spencer Formula Range 
For the eagle eyed........What's wrong with the above picture?  It's testament to how away with the fairies I am at the moment.  

Yep, I read the reviews but not the actual blurb and the pictures on the website didn't have 'mature skin' on them, grumble!  Neither did I look at the ages of the people who rated them.  Let's see if Marks & Spencer understand and let me have a refund.  What a plonker I am.  

*UPDATE*  Good old M&S and their great Customer Service.  I had my poor husband searching the recycling bin for the receipt but with no luck.  The assistant found my online order anyway and there was no problem returning them - after having a little chuckle with me over what I'd actually ordered!  

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