Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Mini Zara Edit

Hello!  Yes, it's me again, with a long awaited post and one that didn't save so I got the hump and ignored the blog in anger, then got over myself long enough to start again.  Granted, in my sleep deprived state, after all the work of adding the links and writing the text, I may have forgotten to hit the save button.......poop indeed!  So I'll spare you long text because you probably haven't got the time to read it and I haven't got the time to write it all again and just share some snaps of pieces I found in Zara the other week.  I will add the links where I can.  The only temptation was the top but with half of my items still in storage I've kind of forgotten what I have and decided to wait.  

Flowing Embroidered Blouse £29.99
I loved the print on this dress but the style just felt a little nondescript.
Absolutely loved this, didn't try it on as I knew I would & I can't buy another coat (yet!)
Textured Coat £95.99
I liked this simple short black faux fur for something easy but luxe to add to an already glam outfit, sometimes simple chic is the way to go!
Faux Fur Jacket £69.99
Still on the hunt for a camel coat, this one was the perfect shade (just too long for me).  Zara do tend to always have a great selection of coats every season.
Long Oversized Coat £129 with 75% wool

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