Friday, 17 February 2017

The Grey Jumper Update

I've never been shy to admit that I'm the kind of shopper that doesn't really go with a list as such, I buy what I fall in love with.  So when it comes to missing staples in my wardrobe like some new jeans or in fact a grey sweater - I get bored very quickly if I don't find what I want!  Queue this post where I talked about some decent grey jumpers.  I ordered two from Boden and the H&M one, neither worked. I've not taken it further as pennies were spent elsewhere (the Whistles one in the last post!) and the others were out of stock in my size.

This cashmere one wasn't one I'd blogged about from Boden but as there was only one of the other styles left, I added this to my basket to try as well.  It was a 6 and although fitted ok, I prefer to go a size up for a more relaxed fit if it's not generous but it was sold out in all other sizes (and at £63.68 for their cashmere I'm not surprised either).

I tried this one on after and I really should have done this one first as nothing compares in softness to cashmere.  It was ok.  Just ok which is not good enough.  

Then there was the H&M one.  Now as far as the cashmere went it was nice.  I liked the rib and it was a good thickness but the style.  It felt like a straight jacket on, the hem was as expected and it really didn't work on me at all.  Another one bites the dust!

So instead I found the Whistles sweater in the last post when I was in Dublin and this one from Topshop in the sale (I also blogged about it here - then bought it!).  It's 100% cotton and lightweight so perfect for Spring. 

The search will continue (i.e. when I stumble upon one!)

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