Sunday, 11 December 2016

What I've Been Buying

Apart from some 'party shoes' there's been nothing on the clothing front.  It's heads down on the home renovations so I've been distracted by that and there's been no time for fun clothes shopping. I will rectify it soon don't you worry.  I have however purchased a few toiletries/make-up which I thought I'd share as it was that time when everything ran out together and I always like reading 'reviews' on products myself.

  • Clay Chameleon Transforming Purifying Cleanser by bareMinerals.  I alternate my cleansing routine, one night it's with a cream cleanser and toner, the next a hot cloth one and always a Elemis face wash in the morning shower.  I was all out of my Tropic cleanser which I absolutely love but read some great reviews on this one so thought I'd give it a whirl.  Now so far I'm not 100% on it as my face does feel a little tight after (that's not a bad thing I guess....!).  It smells amazing, has a proper clay like texture and colour and goes on well.  You literally pop it on then wet your fingers and massage it in so it becomes a little creamier then wash it  off.  As I don't use it daily I don't feel I've given it a fair go yet but I will finish it first before I commit to not buying it again!
  • BAREPRO Performance Wear Powder Foundation by bareMinerals.  I've never really enjoyed wearing a liquid foundation and daily I just dust a little Mac pressed powder on.  A while back now (post first baby, naturally) I did want something with more coverage for special occasions so I tried their mineral loose powder.  I loved it and found it so easy to use.  My second pot however has gone off (second child, dont get out as much now!) so I decided to try something different.  This time I've gone for a pressed powder version.  I had some put on in store to try first and the natural coverage was just like the original so I've gone with this in the 'natural' shade.  I also went for the brush to go with it as it was so soft and nice and compact.  I've worn it's a few times just to break it in ahead of a party and it's lovely, you can load it on as lightly or heavily as you like.  
  • Bumble & Bumble Seaweed shampoo and conditioner set.  Every single set I've tried I've loved, so I've been a little sad to not be so impressed with this one.  It feels lovely to wash with but perhaps because it's a daily shampoo, it doesn't seen to leave my hair feeling as nourished.  That being said it's not horrendously bad so I will finish it but will probably go back to the sulphate free or surf versions.  

Now this is probably one of the best gifted items I've received to date on the blog - in my girls opinions.....Tesco Christmas hats!  I was contacted by Tesco as they are for charity and naturally I would't refuse to help spread the word.  Pre this post, I think I've upped the sales purely from my youngest's continual wearing of hers (and sleeping with it!); mums asking where it's from in the playground and Alice volunteering to share it's song when the nose is pressed!  They are fab hats and money raised is for food bank charities Fareshare and The Trussell Trust - the perfect time of year to support and help.  They are all £7 apart from the reindeer which is £9 and theres some penguin earmuffs for £6 as well.  So please do pop along and grab some or order online here with free delivery to store the next day. 

So the only other item were these shoes from Topshop to go with my party frock.  I really couldn't decide on the colour, I was all for the pink thinking they'd elongate my little legs as on paper this sounded the right colour to do.  However my Insta and Facebook family as well as my lovely girlfriends convinced me otherwise.  Grey it is!  I managed them in the Black Friday sale for just over £40 so I am even more happy!

Proper depiction of the colours! 
But a better idea of the shoe shot!
Topshop 'Graceful' shoe £59
Oops, just when I was going to press earlier on in the week I managed to fill the sorrowful clothing purchase errors for the last 5-6 weeks.  Gap had a brilliant sale on in store and this wool and cashmere sweater was £59.95 down to £20.  It is super soft and comes up loose which I love.   Then I bagged this Karl Lagerfeld sweater in TK Maxx for £24 with a cheeky discount so I feel like a weights been lifted now and some normality restored in my shopping habits. 

Gap Wool & Cashmere V-Neck Sweater £59.95
It's navy in real life!  TK Maxx £29.99 full price and other designs available online here 

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