Thursday, 22 December 2016

Topshop Addict Moi?

Yes, another blog post featuring Topshop, sorry if I'm getting boring!  So one rule I try to live by re Christmas party frocks has always been to buy well ahead of time to avoid the horrible moment when you see someone else in the same outfit as you.  Time as always, got the better of me this year and I left it very close to the date.  I nearly returned this Topshop dress for fear of just that but somehow, with over 2000 people in the venue I avoided seeing anyone else in my dress.  I was also worried it was too short, too tight etc but I didn't really have much option but to wear it.  Oh and I was reassured by some lovely friends it was just fine.  I can report though it didn't feel too short or too tight after wearing it all night and it's washed brilliantly on a gentle wash.  A classic that hopefully will be in my wardrobe for a while.  

Monochrome Floral Contrast Dress £100 
The shoes were also Topshop and also current but I loved them non the less so went the whole hog with Topshop. I threw in a vintage Chanel handbag which I knew no one else would have so that made me feel a little better! 

Topshop Graceful £59 (I managed them in the Black Friday deal for just over £40 so watch out for their sales!)

This wasn't planned but I'm living in my Topshop faux fur coat right now (and also because I still haven't got my other winter coats out of storage in the loft yet!) so I popped it on top - a whole Topshop ensemble pretty much!

These shoes didn't make the cut for my wardrobe though, sorry Topshop!  I love a little sparkle and they looked like such a great shoe.  From the front I loved them, they were comfy, a great heal height but the actual heal itself made them go back to store.  They were just too clumpy for little old me.  Gutted but I won't keep them if they aren't right.  Even my 9 year old said 'come on Mum, they so aren't you, what are you doing'.  Enough said really.  

Glitter Shoes £49 now £20 (only silver online in an 8 so try stores!)
Finishing off with another shot of my Topshop faux fur which jazzed up my new sweater featured on my last post.  Such a good find on eBay, so glad I took he plunge at the end of Winter earlier this year, it was a slight risk that I wouldn't get the wear but animal print just never dates does it! 

I'm not sure when I'm going to get a chance to write again, so if I don't, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.  Don't forget to shop wisely in the sales, check the returns policies to give you extra time to decide at home but do consider buying out of season staple items - get some bargain Summer sandals now! 

With love from Natalie 


  1. It's a beautiful dress Natalie! Have a very merry christmas x

  2. Love the dress on you, gorg. I actually also love the glitter shoes but if the 9-year old's verdict is a no who am I to argue!!


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