Friday, 6 January 2017

Savvy Sales Shopping

A Happy New Year to all my readers, I hope you are all well and truly rested after the festive break.  Or perhaps the break starts now the kids are back at school......!  We have lots of family birthdays around Christmas time (great planning I know) but it does always mean we hit the shops for various reasons quite a bit.  As we are midst renovations right now I'm being more selective than ever and currently have a nice little stash of birthday and Christmas money being saved away.  That being said, I have managed to grab a few bargains - but beware, the sales haven't reached their full potential yet, wait for better discounts if you dare!

I do love M&S cashmere, it wears well and only recently have I somehow managed to shrink a few pieces.  I loved this red crew neck which was £75 down to £50, then scanned at £40 and I had a £5 Sparks birthday voucher so £35 - happy me!  I've linked their cashmere here but I've found more selection and better prices in store right now.  

(Not as bright as it seems and paws to the left courtesy of Lizzie cat)
Gap is always a firm favourite of mine and as a few of my sweaters need replacing I grabbed this cotton one which was down to £14.99 (£24.99 online though I'm afraid).  Make sure you sign up to their emails, they are always sending offers and I had a further 25% off via a recent one making this £11.24 - bargain.

A blog post of mine wouldn't be a post without featuring Topshop would it!  When I was supposed to be running to grab a last minute child's present I saw the sale sign and couldn't help but duck in.  I had seen this shirt earlier in the year and loved it but at £12 I wasn't going to let it stay in the shop.  It is a size larger than I normally take but it fitted well and as it's cotton it allows for some shrinkage. I've not seen it online so check out stores if you're after one.  

Gorgeous back detail
On the same 'emergency' Christmas present shopping trip, I had to pop to H&M and saw this wool hat for £2.  Yes, you read that right, £2.  Needless to say that didn't remain in the shop either.

Now this is the one I need a little help with.  I love the Missoni print and this was down to £20 in TK Maxx.  I thought it was gorgeous but I'm not a huge scarf wearer to be honest and after it was joked I looked like a llama herdsman (I have the best mates) I've not worn it yet.  I don't want to be sucked in on price and just because it's designer, but it is still beautiful.  Being short of space at the mo I'm being very careful what makes it's way into my limited wardrobe.  

Lizzie cat again, yes! 

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  1. Gap always have such amamazing discounts - not sure I've paid full price for anything from there for ages! Such a beautiful red jumper. Jane x


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