Sunday, 27 November 2016

Christmas Flowers

It's that time of year where you just don't have the headspace to think, there is too much to do/buy and gift shopping becomes a little over whelming.  I always start my shopping early, then year after year November goes by in a flash, I don't buy many more presents then panic buy in December.  So I'm sharing with you some beautiful flowers I received from Beards & Daisies as that no hassle, easy Christmas gift that lasts longer than a day and can be enjoyed a little earlier than just the day itself! I've sent flowers to relatives before, but tend to forget around Christmas time.  They are especially great idea for the older generation who don't tend to want for anything, my Nan's a prime example and  loves to receive flowers.

My bouquet arrived boxed and hand tied with lots of layers of wrapping so they looked just stunning. I loved the simplicity of the brown paper and brown string holding them together, they had a contemporary, modern and festive feel without being over the top.  They came out of the box easily but once I unwrapped them, the flowers seemed to expand and there felt like so many more to the bouquet.

My 'White Christmas' bouquet £34.99
There were 10 roses hidden neatly in this bouquet!
It was such a nice touch to receive information on all the flowers included - something my Nan especially would love to read about.  I also liked how there were tips on how to position them in the vases - perfect for non-florists like me!  I'm not sure I did the bouquet justice in the arrangement but I enjoyed them non the less.

They also came with a voucher, card and plant food.
Great tips on care!
They also offer 'Letterbox Flowers' which is ideal for those who are out and about too much so you don't want the hassle of arranging a delivery.  They start from £22.99 with free delivery and there's a great selection to choose from.  They have also put some thought into making sure specific flowers are offered for such deliveries, 'hardy and less thirsty options' apparently and even down to the way they cut their stems!  Love it when a brand takes the time to think these things through for their customers.

These were my flowers 1 week in!
I kept the beautiful ribbon and popped it on my vase 
A close up of my favourite rose with a pink trim! 
There's also the option to have a 3 month subscription on some flowers so perfect for a gift for you if you're stuck and being pestered as to what you would like for Christmas!

Also felt extra special to receive a huge present! 
PS This is a sponsored post but huge thanks to Jo at Beards & Daises who has been an utter pleasure to work with.  Giving me as much space and time as I needed with no pressure at all on what to write and when (she first contacted me in September!).  It has been my choice to share further information such as the Letterbox Flowers as I was so impressed with the quality of what I received, I would truly recommend them.  

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