Sunday, 2 October 2016

Something New From Jockey

When working with clients one to one there is a frequent discussion about underwear.  Whilst some do enjoy wearing control style support, others (myself included) just find it too restricting.  My whole ethos is comfort, style and quality all at a good price.  I was contacted recently by Jockey who have just launched their 'Skimmies' in the UK, one of their top selling women's products in the US.  Naturally I wanted to give them a go as I am always open to new products especially ones that have a write up like these.

First of all lets get this sorted, I won't be modelling them in the flesh for you!  Yes, sharing is caring and that is what I'm doing on here by reviewing them for you however no one needs to see me in that light.  A tiny bit of history thrown in for good measure, the brand started with socks back in 1876 - I like a company with longevity.  

So what did I think?  Well they say they are made from non restrictive material and I can vouch for that.  Having tried other control underwear before, it's nice to be able to breath in these, that helps right?  They are seam free which is another tick for me (I've written before about seam free pants, a few years back now though) as there's nothing worse than a VPL when you're wearing that all important dress or skirt. Personally I preferred the shorter legged ones as I don't tend to need too much length on them, as most of my dresses and skirts aren't long.  I did however prefer the nude as (sorry L, I am admitting this on here much to your discust) I love nude underwear!  I just like it to be as hidden as possibly and the whole nude effect does this perfectly.

There is a lot more available for men on their website, after all, they did design the first ever Y-Front brief in 1935 (they've been around that long?!?!) however I kind of like that there isn't so much choice, just a small simple range.  They are very reasonably priced at £13 and £14 and only available online.  So if you are looking for something a little less restricted to wear under skirts and dresses I would highly recommend these.

NB This is a sponsored post however the review and words are my own and I chose to work with this brand of my own accord.


  1. What's the control like Natalie? Interested in these as I've yet to find any that I can get on with. x

    1. They really do feel like a nice pair of tights if that makes any sense?! They are subtle in their support, not restricting and I felt the name said it all as they really do 'skim' over your body. I would say they offer a light controlled support. X

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