Sunday, 16 October 2016

A Little Topshop Edit

I'm back!  Illness got the better of me and I gave in to antibiotics in the end (which I hate taking) but I'm finally on the mend so please excuse the lack of silence.  Just before I got poorly I had a day out in London with my lovely blogging friend Jane and before we met I popped to Topshop.  The only item on my mind was a party frock.  I always try and buy way ahead of the time to save the embarrassment of seeing someone else in it.  I really didn't spend long in Topshop, it's amazing how speedy you can be without the kids.  I literally grabbed a load of jeans and some fancy dresses and headed to the changing room.

I put this on and thought no, not quite sure why really.  I'm not a huge dress person so maybe it just felt a little too dressy and fitted.  I then tried on everything else and something made me go back to it.  I think I looked at the photo on my phone of the above and fell back in love with the neckline.  

Monochrome Floral Contrast Dress £100
No I won't wear it with the boots but I needed something on my feet!  I bought it and it's a lot more than I usually spend in Topshop but I felt it needed a proper try on with heels.  It's actually still in the bag as I've just not felt well enough to try it on again.  I think I need to see it with proper shoes as I am still wondering if it's a bit short. 

The socks made the full length shot.....oops!
I loved the idea of this one and decided to try something longer on me.  It just didn't fit properly anywhere and I didn't like the length, I'm petite and felt it was just way too long.  

Fishnet Braid Trim Midi Dress £89
I try to practise what I preach and took in this sparkly midi on the off chance it would work (I knew it wouldn't but you should always try shouldn't you!).  I felt like humpty dumpty.  Ok so the angle of the photo isn't the most flattering but I just don't feel I can carry this style off.  Jane didn't think it looked that bad in the photo and maybe it was just not what I was used to seeing myself in.  I will carry on trying, perhaps the pleats just didn't work.

And this was the petite version! 
How it should look.  Glitter Pleat Midi Skirt £55
Gorgeous little animal number below.  A blouse fabric and very easy to wear.  I just don't have the need for another top like this (saying that, should it go in the sale then maybe I would....).  

Mono Animal Ruffle Blouse £34
The lace one which is completely inappropriate for ice Queen me who feels the cold and can never wear short sleeves in the Winter (aside from said party dress) did get the better of me.  I adore lace.  I adore monochrome.  I couldn't walk away.  This however has also stayed in the bag and hasn't been tried on since.  On reflection of the photos I'm now wondering if it's a bit short in the body for long wasted me - please no when I try it on again!

Lace Ruffle Top £36
I papped this cute little white blouse, a really lightweight crisp cotton.  Perfect with black trousers for a smart look or jeans for a more casual vibe.  

Poplin Ruffle Shirt £34
I also popped in & Other Stories and to be honest nothing much grabbed me.  It all felt a little plain in there until I saw this bag in the sale.  I was so tempted, it was a cotton with leather trim shopper style  down to half price.  It just looked huge on me but I do slightly regret it, I love a throw it all in bag.  It's not online but the bucket bag and purse is.  It doesn't say leather trim online but I searched for the label in the bags and it definitely was.  

& Other Stories £22.50
I went for a monochrome look that day also.  My Topshop top I blogged about last month is now a subtle shade of baby pink......Note to self.  When ill again, don't allow husband to do any washing.  Kids new school cardigans in red with my cream top.  Grrrrr.   

Top & Jeans; Topshop
Boots, Isabel Marant


  1. Glad to hear you're finally on the mend Natalie. It was so lovely to meet up again & spend the day together. I love both your lace purchases the neckline in particular on the dress is simply stunning & I still reckon with a different top the skirt would look fab.
    Such a shame about your beautiful top but on the upside you now have a complete original ;-)
    Look after yourself & wishing you a speedy full recovery.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  2. That lace top looks ace - and better on you than it does on the model. Hope you kept it xxx


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