Sunday, 25 September 2016

A Rare Double French Sole Purchase

It's been a while since I've popped to Bicester Village so I had a rare day off with both my girls now in school and had a good browse.  I knew French Sole had 'moved in' and the range they had to offer didn't disappoint.  I know there are so many other flat style shoes about that are a lot more on trend however for me, the classic ballerina stye works and if it ain't broke.......

Their styles do vary, some show a lot of toe cleavage which isn't for me but I found the above in my sizes, £80 for the metallic and £60 for the animal.  I have the animal already but it's a darker base coloured fur and a red trim.  I love them and they have worn so well being at least 5 years old.  It was a tough call as I loved the metallic however after a few wears I felt the leather would show my toe mark more (which hasn't happened on my current fur ones).  

Not being one to rush into a decision I had them both held then went back at the end and settled on the animal print pair.  As you can see above, my current ones have loosened up a lot.  They do come up small so I go up a size in them and they are still tight.  I got a further 10% off with my VIP card (AA customers - make sure you use this additional offer as it's not known that well!) so at £54 I thought they were a bargain.  They RRP at £135.

Dress; Topshop
Top; Boden
Shoes; French Sole (Bicester Village)
Bag; Prada (Bicester Village)
I wore them the very next day and although they pinched a little, I know they will loosen up.  I am so pleased with them, I love how a little animal print can just add a touch of glam to an outfit.  The sun shone so I wore them with one of my favourite purchases this year, my Topshop pinafore dress.  


  1. Love love love love love!! xx

  2. I have the leopard print with red trimming. Bought it at a sale at 50% off in Kuala Lumpur. Lovely picture! I'm a french sole fan


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