Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The Change & My Ikea Bargain

I've been meaning to make some updates to my blog for a while now but time always gets the better of me so I've set myself a little deadline and with that in mind, a short post seems the best way to start.  Like most, I am a busy working Mummy but now my second child is in school I will hopefully get back to some more regular writing on here.  My blog started off years ago with no real direction, I just wanted to share great buys with you but it always ended up being of the clothing variety.  Life isn't just about that so my direction on here needs to reflect that too.  I'm an avid bargain hunter, I only want to pay what I think something is worth and if that means waiting for a sale or even until someone travels abroad then so be it!  So you won't just be finding clothes from now on, there will be other items on here and shock horror (like the Zara coat) I do sometimes pay full price for items too!  That being said, quality is always in the forefront of my mind, you do get what you pay for and if it's worth the money, I invest!  I love sharing new finds - that can be anything from clothing to food to makeup so bear with me, my little journey on here is a wobbly road with bits and bobs thrown in along the way for good measure.  

So there will be an updated bio soon, some proper T's&C's for when I do sponsored posts so you fully understand what goes on with them (and the little ad's down the side) and more varied posts.  Oh and a slightly adjusted logo so you know it's me, Natalie and not that my name is Rosie! (NB I will explain the reason behind the name in the updated bio!).  

Based on that, here' s little peak of a chair that I have been after for a while.  It was originally £195 from Ikea (they adjusted the price to £179 in August 2016 though) but it's for a room that isn't currently available yet (current kitchen will be a study/family room next year).  So I saved a search on ebay for a decent second hand one as it's not a desperate need right now.  They are all selling for around the £100 mark but then I happened to stumble across this one last week-end in the 'Bargain Basement' section of Ikea for £69!  My pretty fabulous friend who was on a mission more than myself that day then went ahead and bargained it down further to £55 for me!  It will end up in the garage for a while but I'm going to wash the seat cover and clean the arms up a little but aside from that, it's structurally and fabric wise in a brilliant condition!

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