Thursday, 25 August 2016

A Few Boden Picks

Don't ask me how but during the manic school holidays I managed a very quick flick through the latest Boden catalogue.  Ok, it was spurred on by the £15 voucher they sent me with it which expires soon and would wasteful not to use it but still, nice to have a browse! Naturally I homed in on their bretons, I love the velvet lace up on the shoulders of this one and think the pink version is gorgeous.  It also comes in an ivory with navy stripe and navy with black stripe.

Velvet Lace Up Breton £32 (currently)
They've also got a few quirky bretons in, with spots, hearts and a vertical pink stripe but I really like the simple twist of this one with the gold pocket.

Make A Statement Breton £31.50 (currently)
Last season they bought out this baseball style top in a pale pink, I wasn't quick enough but they now have it in white with navy sleeves which is a great neutral top to add to my mix of mostly breton long sleeves.  I'm thinking this may be the one my voucher goes towards!

Lightweight Baseball Tee £19.60 (currently)
I have a glitter spot breton from them that has washed really well, despite me thinking the glitter would go after one wash.  This t-shirt version (minus the stripes) is a classic and if I didn't already have a few spotted tees then this would definitely be winging it's way to me.

Glitter Spot Tee £23.60
I've always played it safe with Boden, I have never personally tried their trousers but have seen them on clients and they look brilliant.  On the eternal hunt for something khaki, these are also on my little wish list.  There are 3 different leg lengths and I can be funny with trousers so unsure of size however my voucher also has free delivery and returns so contemplating these.  Anyone else got some words of wisdom on Boden trouser sizing?

Bella Chino Trouser £47.60 (currently)


  1. I wear a 10 in their trousers (ankle skimmers, Bistro crops) but found I needed a 12 in their jeans as they were so tight! I'm 5'5" and went for the petite length so they reached my ankle, otherwise I had to cuff them three times... Then in their ankle skimmers I ordered long length and they were perfect. Basically years of trial and error!

    1. Well I ordered the petite which were perfect in length but the for over all just didn't work on me :( I will maybe try another style though x

  2. I've got near enough the exact same khaki chino's from next - at about £25. They're great and they do petite too. Boden, I've not tried their trousers but need to one day, though I also struggle with things being long enough - 34' leg needs to be more common place please!! xx

    1. I've tried Next before and they don't work on me either unfortunately. Quality wise these ones were brilliant, just the cut not 100% on me. X


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