Monday, 29 August 2016

My Bargain Buy!

Sometimes I do believe I have a way of sniffing out those bargains.  It does pain me to pay full price for things but I think that always ensuring I have a wardrobe with the basics allows me to not have to 'need' items.  I do therefore tend to buy a few random pieces based on what I like at very good prices.  Shopping out of season is always a staple of mine, sandals in the winter and snow boots in the summer - I make my pennies go far!  So when I saw these Nike trainers below at the Swindon outlet centre, I knew I didn't really need them but thought they were quirky and I pretty much live in flats.  On top of those quick 'pro these trainers' tot up in my head was the £13.50 price tag.  I kid you not.  The back wall was full of trainers all at 50% off the last marked price.  Seriously, our lunch cost more than these!

They are called the 'Genicco' print but aren't readily available online so possibly a discontinued line.  Schuh have a good selection in at the moment and I really like these (not as good as my price tag I know!).
Nike £46.99
Brantano also have these which are pretty similar in style just a little brighter!

Nike £58
Office also have a good range of Nike (including my much loved Thea's - a few colours in their sale) but I rather like these burgundy ones seens as we are heading towards Autumn now!

Nike £48
If you are just getting into the trainer game I would possibly start with a black pair.  My Thea's are 2 years old now and still look great and I love wearing them.  I really like these at Asos which are reduced from £55.  Black just seems to fill the gap between a shoe and a trainer nicely.

Nike £38.50
One last note about trainers, I would size up.  All of my trainers are half a size bigger than my normal shoes.

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