Sunday, 21 August 2016

Denim Pinafores & Leopard Joggers!

I'm home and back in the land of good wifi!  The Topshop pinafore dress I talked about back in this post arrived and stayed straight away.  The black didn't as it was out of stock but that's fine, I'm happy with what I have.  It's been the most versatile piece, so easy and different from my other Topshop denim dress that had short sleeves, I love that I can wear things underneath from t-shirts to long sleeved tops.

I can't find this one online now so it's probably best to check your local store.  It was £38 however this one for £35 is very similar.

Topshop Pini Dress £35
In the same order came some joggers.  I love clothes, I really do but truth be told, I am at my most comfiest with my jogging bottoms on at the end of the day.  I've never paid too much attention to them, they just have to fit and feel comfy.  However it's been pointed out on a number of occasions,  the 'saggy bum' that the ones I have give me.....major fashion fail!  So until my freshly planted red robin bushes are high enough to hide me from my neighbours whilst watering them I thought it best I purchase something a little less eye watering.

Leopard Print Jogger £30
No full on shot in these yet, just a late night long road trip to Cornwall!
Bit of an animal print lover me.....
These have done a great job.  They sit slightly higher up than my others - quite possibly why they don't have a saggy bum affect and the print ticks all the boxes for me.  Time will tell what they look like after a few months as the fibre composition isn't great but I took a chance.  I'd even say they look good enough to quite happily pop to the shops in without feeling too disgraced!

Don't forget to check the last of their sales dregs online, I have managed to grab a pair of shoes which are a little marmite; I love them, the rest of my house think they are one of my fashion choices which majorly don't work.  At £20 from £59, suede (my favourite for shoes) and leather lined, I just love the little quirky style of them and think they are worth a gamble.

Top; Topshop however now sold out online I'm afraid.  It was called 'embroidered flute tee' in case you wanted to keep checking.

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  1. Loving ALL of this, especially the shoes, they elongate your feet, and seeing as you're tiny, that's not a bad thing.
    I'm feeling the pini dress, think I may have to ask for this for my birthday. Eight weeks away but the list is coming on nicely! Haha!



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