Thursday, 21 July 2016

Holiday Snaps & Wedding Outfit

True to form I left my packing for a family wedding in Malta to the last minute, I'm a 'I hate' kinda gal.  However I had a vague idea there was something lurking in my wardrobe for the wedding outfit.  My mate had been round at the start of the year just before I moved to do a wardrobe edit and announced "that would be great for a Summer wedding".  Luckily for me when I asked her she remembered it was my purple skirt (thanks T - if I knew how to insert a kiss emoji here from my  Mac I would!).  It was a very old skirt from Primark of all places, yes, Primark!  Despite my husband hating it I really really loved it still so it was coming with me.  I teamed it with a pale cream top from French Connection that was actually given to me by T so I'm dedicated my outfit to her (insert wink emoji). 

Top; French Connection
Skirt; Primark
Clutch; Accessorize
Shoes; Dune
Watch; Tag Heuer
Bracelets; Tiffany, Thomas Sabo & Annie Haak
Fascinator Clip; Somewhere in Malta!
My first ever fascinator clip and I loved it, so great for keeping your hair off your face!
Trusted Gucci bamboo sunglasses from Bicester Village
Apart from the fascinator clip thingy I purchased whilst out there everything else was grabbed from my wardrobe.  I bought these heels from House of Fraser in Autumn last year, they are by Dune and quite possibly one of the comfiest heeled shoes I own.  They look great with a skirt or dress as the nude suede gives a 'barely there' affect but equally as chic with jeans (said outfit to be featured here soon).  They have a padded front part under the toes too.  It doesn't look like they are available anymore but watch out as Dune do tend to repeat their styles.  I would actually go as far as saying I would consider buying a second pair in a different colour.  I loved the grey suede they did also. 

Dune Mara Sandals
A great heel on them, not too high but just enough
My girls were flower girls and did me proud as always and pretty much out danced me!
Decent full on outfit shots aside from the wedding one just never happened, these were as good as it got I'm afraid.  

Airport attire.  Comfort needed after a 2.45am start - never again!
Top & Tommy Hilfiger Belt; TK Maxx
Jeans; Gap
Skater shoes; Next
Watch; Tag Heuer
Cosmetic Pouch; Fendi (large enough for all our passports and items I needed quickly.  It was a Christmas gift that got tucked away in the move.  So nice to bring out something new for the holiday and I have carried on using it in my handbag daily).
I got this in TK Maxx's final clearance last year for something silly like £3, it's a great slouchy style top.
One of the hardest items I own to style up - my J.Crew purple/blue shorts.  I've just resigned to the fact they can only be worn with white or grey simple tops.
Top; Hollister
Shorts; J.Crew
Handbag; gift from Marrakech
Shoes; Zara
Topshop embroidered t-shirt 
Another old classic form Primark, this strapless jumpsuit.  Only bought out on holidays as is so bright and needs to go with lots of sunshine but it is the easiest throw on I have and doesn't show any kids ice creams on it!
Bag as before
Flip flops; Havaianas (and a gift from T so this blog post really is for her!)


  1. You look gorgeous Natalie! Fab outfit - so simple but elegant. Glad you had a fab time - Malta is a place I'd love to visit x

  2. I can't believe the skirt is Primark, looks way more pricey than that! Really great outfit. I also like the striped TK Maxx striped top - a bargain always makes me look an item more!


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