Friday, 15 July 2016

Feeling A Little Monochrome

It all started when I dug out my wet look Joni jeans which I purchased a few months back in the Topshop sale.  I was off to London and wanted something a little smarter.  For some reason they hadn't been worn before but I knew I would eventually as I love their Joni jeans for a snug fit.  From then on I have just been feeling 'black'!  I wouldn't say I wear a lot of it, being petite I sometimes feel a little lost in it so go for a more neutral pallet.  However sometimes you just have to go with it so that is what I've been doing!

T-shirt (just seen); Vince from TK Maxx
Jacket; Zara
Jeans; Topshop
Pumps; French Sole
Bag; Chloe
Small person; Stylists own
From there it led on to a completely monochrome look, again with an item purchased and not worn - maybe the jeans started something!  Now it's not something I advocate, buying and leaving it to lurk in the depths of your wardrobe but ever so occasionally you just forget!  This top is by Joseph and I grabbed it in a TK Maxx.  It's a little odd with he additional bands around it and that's possibly why I hadn't worn it but I was in a hurry to see the Ab Fab preview and it just felt simple and right.  

Joseph top & leather bag; TK Maxx
Jeans; Topshop
Shoes; L.K. Bennett

And so it continued when I managed to hit Zara for the last 15 minutes before it closed and I literally grabbed this top.  Most probably supposed to be an off the shoulder one (I hate strapless bras so not an option and who can manage to actually keep it off the shoulders when you are running around after kids - tips please!) however it sat just nicely above my bra strap.  It was £39.99 down to £25.99 (100% cotton also) and I just really fancied it however there was a nice little surprise when I got to the till and it was £17.99!  I can't find it online but there were loads left at the Knightsbridge branch so assuming it will still be in others.

I'm not entirely sure this was the most flattering combo for it, I would love to see it with some white skinny ankle jeans instead but that's also after looking at the photos which were taken after 9pm and running around a football pitch for the afternoon. Yes, I played football in Ash studded was a friends 40th so needs must.  Keeping it real!

Top; Zara
Jeans; Topshop Joni's
Sandals; Ash
Maybe it was the weather and it will change now that (fingers crossed) we are about to get a summer again.  Does anyone else just go through a random colour phase - and one that's not particularly seasonal either?!? 

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