Sunday, 31 July 2016

Bargain Tops From H&M

If you're anything like me you are currently in the midst of the school holidays, juggling childcare with work as well as trying to entertain your little ones without blowing the budget all in the first week.  It's not easy is it?  I had a morning off before work and my eldest had been going on about some new jeans so we headed to H&M for a little shop.  Needless to say both girls did better than me but I made sure they accompanied me to the ladies section for a little browse!  I found this very lightweight cotton sweater for £6.99 - and it isn't in the sale, that is the actual price!  It's a great throw on sweater for now.

Sweater; H&M
Jeans; Zara
Trainers; Adidas 

(slightly in love with my animal print Adidas trainers!)
I would't have been me if I didn't then gravitate quite naturally to the stripes.  However the orange trim and more boxy style did make this one a little different to anything I already had.  At £5.99 for another cotton top (go H&M with your natural fibre at silly prices) it was of course purchased as well. 

T-shirt; H&M
Belt; Tommy Hilfiger
Jeans; Gap
Shoes; Isabel Marant

Now back to my reality right now - home renovations!  Column radiator research anyone?!?!

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  1. I think I may take a trip to H&M on my lunchbreak now I've seen this! Wow!
    Love your trainers too xxx


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