Monday, 6 June 2016

The Boden Shop

Has anyone else ever visited the Boden shop on the A40?  I have been passing it for years and finally on the way home from an over night stay in London I made my husband swerve in and stop.  It was the day after his 40th I should add so was pretty nice of him but my argument was that we had no kids so best to do it now!  It's a lot bigger than it looks and very spacious.  I am always browsing through their catalogues so it was great to see items in the flesh.  I didn't push my luck so it wasn't a long visit but I will definitely go back again.

After living in my Alice flats from them last year I headed straight for the shoes.  As a long standing fan of suede shoes their collection didn't disappoint.  I love how they put just a little twist on a classic shoe either with a bow, tassel or scallop edge.

Amelia Heel £119
Daniella Flat Point £69.50
Scallop Point £48.65-£69.50 (price colour/print dependent)
As much as I loved the suede I quite liked the stripe for a bit of fun!
This t-shirt style top was so soft and had a smarter feel to it as it wasn't cotton.  Pretty Printed Tee £20.65
I didn't see this in the shop but you can't really go wrong with a Glitter Spot Tee at £20.65!
A few shots of the shop including a play area to amuse the little ones - so I will definitely return!  It had mens and kids as well as womens wear, the picture below was just one area.  

A quick note to say the prices shown are current but Boden do have several offers on at the moment so no doubt will change.  When I was browsing their website to get prices on the above I found these - how gorgeous are they!

Pom Pom Sandal £69.50
But enough about the shoes, this top has been on my wish list since forever and currently has 30% off.  Very tempted as it's back in stock in a week so I can order it + cream + lace = winning combination! 

Floral Lace Top £62.65
30% off their tops and tees ends this Thursday so be quick.  May have just checked out my shopping basket.  I had a voucher, it deserves to be tried right?!?

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  1. I didn't realise Boden had an actual store! The flats are gorgeous. Jane X


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