Sunday, 12 June 2016

Being Ahead Of The Time - The Bomber ('ish'!) Jacket

Having moved earlier in the year my wardrobe is still not as organised as I need it to be as my clothes are in a few different places whilst we renovate.  However as there's been a re-shuffle it has bought forgotten about items to the forefront, this Gap jacket for one.  I bought this in a outlet centre a while ago (just found the blog post, it was September 2014!) and it had been 'lost' somewhere in the back of my old wardrobe.  It's completely on trend being a bomber style and the cotton is lightweight so perfect for our current yo yo weather.  

Jacket & Jeans; Gap
T-shirt; Whistles
Belt; Tommy Hilfiger
Flip Flops; Havaianas

This Whistles t-shirt was also bought in the sale by my friend - yes, I have good friends who shop for me, I am blessed!  It was a little more than I normally spend on a t-shirt at £35 but I love the fit and it has some darts around the front so it gives it some more shape.  The quality is great so far, having been washed several times it hasn't bobbled or lost it's shape (it didn't have  a lot of cotton in so was a slight concern for me and my natural fibre OCD).  

So I guess the moral of this story is to buy what you like (you never know, 18 months later it could be a major trend!) and make sure you re-shuffle that wardrobe to find some old gems!

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