Monday, 30 May 2016

Rewearing Pieces From Your Wardrobe

Life is more than hectic at the moment and with a home renovation in full swing it leaves little to no time for much forward thinking.  I had a wedding at the week-end and as my wardrobe is currently scattered all over the place it hasn't left me with much enthusiasm so subconsciously, more than anything, I think I left it to the last minute on purpose.  The thought of trying to cobble something together just wasn't appealing.  However I had to, so the night before I grabbed 5 dresses from under  the eaves wardrobes (after ducking and diving to get to them!) and whittled it down to 3.  Not in the mood for it I left it until the morning however one thing was for sure, the white Zara blazer was going to be worn.  It just made every dress look and feel better full stop.  I haven't worn it a ton, it's a very crisp white but when I wear it, it does feel so good on.  I needed to wear a piece like that to give me a kick I think!

After a face time conversation with my cousin (the husband was no help, they all looked nice apparently) I went with a French Connection dress I've had for a good few years.  It is one of those comfortable ones that you just slip on.  It's not tight, it has a pattern that is so flattering as well as a neutral colour pallet.  I just wanted to feel comfy for this wedding.  

However, like the jacket, I wanted to accessorise with some pieces that I really loved to put some oomph back into how I was feeling about my current dismantled wardrobe.  I went for my killer Gucci heels and yes, they were a killer, they were not made for walking.  Needs must when you need a bit of loveliness on your feet though.  I love the bamboo detail on them and grabbed my sunglasses as I ran out the door which also have the bamboo (randomly bought years apart and forgetting that I had any Gucci bamboo pieces).  A few bracelets and my vintage Chanel and I didn't feel too bad in my outfit after all. 

Bag; Chanel
Shoes & Sunglasses; Gucci (Bicester Village)
Silver Bracelets; Tiffany & Annie Haak
Snake Rockstud Bracelet; Valentino (Bicester Village)
I would never advise leaving your outfit until the last minute but sometimes you do just have to go with what you feel on the day so it's good to have a few options ready.  I was sure I would go with a old Whistles dress which had lots of colour but just decided I didn't want to be faffing with the pockets shifting under it (it's silk) but I could handle a good heel that day instead!  

French Connection are great for these shift style dresses which actually leave room to move around in (or binge on bread rolls as I did and need extra breathing space in a dress!) and I have a few of them  now.  Just popped over to their website to have a look and completely fallen for this one. 

Anastasia Floral Relaxed Tea Dress £99
I'm pretty sure the below is the same Zara blazer as mine and it's currently online at £59.99.  I'm sure it was £10 more last year as I bought mine in Spain and with exchange rate ended up paying around what it is now.  It does say 'Ecru' but comes out a very bright white.  I love the relaxed, ruched sleeves and longer length to it.  

Turn-Up Sleeve Blazer £59.99
PS Please excuse the toilet selfies and pipe work in the photos, lack of time when you're racing out the house with two little ones under your feet also means you grab a photo when you can.  My husband is still learning after all these years that additional items like pipes don't really need to be seen but until that day, they are there for your viewing pleasure!

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  1. You looked really lovely! Great jacket and the accessories are divine. Not sure I'd be able to cobble up such a good look from my wardrobe!


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