Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A Little Gap Edit

I've always been a lover of Gap, they are just great for classic, casual items and their sales are even better.  I have struggled in the past with their prices as in store always seems to be cheaper than online for some reason but it seems to be balancing out a bit more of late.  I grabbed this jumper a few months back for something like £14 as there was further discount on sale items that day in store.  It's 100% cotton and the sleeve can be turned up nicely for a 3/4 length.  I have worn it so much as it's so simple yet has some shape and style mainly due to the little slits at the front.

Being cotton it isn't too warm and has been an easy jumper to throw on with not only jeans but shorts when the sun has gone in.  It is definitely the kind of jumper you would want to take away with you on holiday for the evenings when it's cooler but proper knitwear isn't appropriate.  

Worn here with my Hush camo shorts
I've just checked and it's currently £11.99 online - a brilliant price for this jumper.  It comes in 3 other colours, I will link it here if you fancy one.   

I also had my eye on the below but it was just over £20 originally, it then went down to £5.99 and am pretty sure I got an additional 20% off on that day.  It has a boxy style to the sleeve which I like and at the price it wasn't going to be left behind in the shop.  I can't seem to find it online now but keep an eye out in the sales section in stores.  

Both tops fit true to size, if anything, on the generous side.  It's worth signing up with Gap for their newsletters as they are always having promotion codes with additional savings.

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  1. Gap are so good for basics - it's my go-to shop! Just ordered some summer vest tops from there. I'm the other way round to you and tend to find online is cheaper as I'm always being sent online discount codes! I love the jumper. Jane X



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