Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Miss Selfridge Gypsy Tops

I was near an 'Outfit' the other week (a shop that houses a few brands just in case you weren't aware, so a Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Oasis etc) and spotted this gorgeous cotton top in the Miss Selfridge section.  At the time it was £35 down to £20 which I thought was a great price considering the amount of stitching on it but I've just checked and it's now only £15!  Beware, it comes up huge, this was either a 4 or a 6.  I loved it but it wasn't for me.

After looking at the top, notice the pram and feet behind me.....
And again, someone was bored yes?!
And's she's hit the wall!  (And a 'What I Wore' that day shot!)
Sweater; Uniqlo (although sadly made the decision to sell this on as just to short in the body for me)
Jeans; Topshop
Trainer boots; Timberland
Mono Gypsy Blouse £35 down to £15
I found this other gorgeous top on their website, this feels like more my style as a little simpler, the tassels on the one above felt too much on me.
Crinkle Smock £35 down to £17
They have a great sale on at the moment and you're after a gypsy style top then I would head their way as lots online also.  

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