Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Miu Miu Top

I was having a little organise of my blog posts tonight and planning my next few when I randomly looked through my 'draft' ones and found this one with pictures all ready but for some reason I hadn't shared it!  It was planned to follow on from a post I wrote about my bargain Prada skirt from Bicester Village last year but it obviously got side tracked.  So I decided this top is too good not to share. Probably about 18 months ago now I made a vow to myself to start investing a little more in my clothes, I think this was one of the first items.  I was pricey, £150 (and my hubby thought I was mad at the time) but it was over £600 full price from Miu Miu and I had that exact amount in vouchers so I took the plunge.  

Top; Miu Miu (via Prada at Bicester Village)
Jeans; Zara
Boots; Ash
Cardigan; Boden
It's silk so a winner in my books already, you know me and a good fibre!  There was only one there and it fitted so perfectly.  It is a little on the thin side so very delicate and needs a nude camisole underneath but it just felt like me as soon as I put it on and as it was Christmas/birthday money, it needed to be a treat too.  

I loved the darting on the back to add shape
The frills are a little fussy to iron but I think it's beautiful so needs must

The original changing room photo!
It's also a great length to tuck into skirts and I was having a play when sorting an outfit last year doing this.  I can't remember what I went with in the end but by the state of the clothes hanging on my wardrobe door I was in a rush for a change. 

Skirt; Zara
Odd shoes; Mulberry and Bally Switzerland
Skirt; H&M
As my wardrobe is all over the place due to home renovations, finding this post has reminded me just how much I love this top.  Over a year on and cost per wear wise I'm probably not there yet but I don't regret it and feel like it's going to be worn in years to come. Invest when you can people!

PS The only few negatives about finding this post are 1. those jeans - oh how I loved them but they somehow had a stain so I dyed them black.   Still wearable but it's the colour I hugely miss.  2. I miss my walk in wardrobe!  I'll get one back again, one day.  Next year.  Damn.


  1. Such a pretty top Natalie....well worth the investment! xx

    1. Thank you Michelle, so well made as well X

    2. Love this top, and you're right, it's so you! I can't believe you had vouchers to pay for it though aswell, you're so good at getting vouchers for things! Vouchers burn a hole in my does money actually!
      Lovely to see pictures of your old house. Though I'm very much looking forward to seeing shots of your new house too, it'll be stunning xx


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