Sunday, 1 May 2016

Cheating On Fashion With Homeware

If you are a Sex & The City fan like me, you will remember in the second movie when Carrie says she's 'been cheating on fashion with furniture' as she's been doing up her flat with Mr Big.  Well this is me for the foreseeable future.  Having bought a run down property that not only needs internal work (think avocado suite and several coats of paint on top of wallpaper) but structural work too, my eyes are firmly on the home right now.  (NB It will be lovely eventually, I didn't randomly buy something to give me more grey hairs, honest!).  Don't worry though, my first love is always there lurking in the background but expect a few home posts thrown in for good measure this year. Starting with some amazingly priced accessories at none other than Primark.  I don't have a store local to me to be able to see what's on offer regularly but I popped in to grab my girls some vests the other month when I was nearby.  I was pleasantly surprised at what they had.  

Glass Candles £2
Ros Gold Hangers £3 
Cushions £7
Jar Candle £3
Glass Candle £2
LED Lights £6
For me, Primark has it's place and if you're after long lasting items then it's not for you but this camo jacket was cotton, £20 and I have a thing for camo among others.  I wasn't really looking for a jacket at the time, my youngest as always wasn't being that accommodating of my shopping needs so I left it behind.  Queue a month long search including several SOS's to mates around the country when I decided how much I wanted it but this one got away.  Damn it.  Again!

So if you're near, pop in and check out their homeware, they have some great pieces to cheer up a room and with very purse friendly prices. 

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  1. LOVE the home pieces you've picked out. Payday lunch hour will be spent in Primark now I fear.
    Yay to more homeware posts. I need to go to a Zara Home, so if you are anywhere near one of them, would love to see what you find.
    Booo to the lack of camo coat! xx


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