Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The New Leather Bag & A Gentle Reminder To Myself

I am only a little blog, I don't do this full time, it's purely a hobby that sits alongside my styling business and being a Mummy so I still get excited when I'm approached by a company to review a product.  It's a novelty that never wears off (and apologies in advance, for some reason they've come in a flurry so expect a few more over the coming weeks).  Mandy's Heaven contacted me to see if there was anything I fancied reviewing from their online store, naturally I went straight to the handbags.  I was even more excited that the one I homed in on was leather and made in Italy.  Result.

Sweater & Jeans; Topshop
Bag; Mandy's Heaven
Shoes; Timberland
Cat; My Own 
Unfortunately this bag is now out of stock but they have some other fabulous ones in, in particular this suede one that like mine, can be used as a clutch as well as a cross body bag.  It's also available in other colours.  Have a look here to see their collection.  

So the little reminder to oneself - have you guessed it yet?  You know I always harp on about fibre compositions (check the Italian leather handbag reference?!?).  Well I haven't been 100% true to myself and bought two sweaters in the last 6 months from my beloved Topshop that I really shouldn't have.  I love this one I'm wearing in these photos but without planning it - I was thinking about the handbag close up, the picture below shows the true extent of buying a sweater that isn't made to last.  Insert a sulky face there if I could.  Now for some, they accept it, it doesn't bother them but me, I like my pennies to go a long way and pride myself on buying well made, stylish clothes to remain in my wardrobe for a good few years at least.  I got carried away with the sweatshirt trend and as you can see below, the jumper is now matted and not as fluffy as it was a few months ago.  It is made from 66% polyester, 22% cotton and 11 % viscose.  My other one is 76% polyester and 24% cotton. The cotton content was just not enough to stop them looking tatty in less than 6 months.  Such a shame.

I'm sorry Topshop, you are absolutely still one of my favourite shops on our High Street and I fully support you and all the hard work you do.  You provide on trend pieces for a wide variety of age groups, I just got this one wrong.  It wasn't pricey at under £30, I'm just a hard working Mummy not a frivolous teenager and I expect a lot for my buck.

Readers - don't ever say I'm not honest in my own little blog space on the World Wide Web!


  1. The bag is lovely - it looks beautifully made and of course you would know what you're looking for to a nice bag.

    Oh I knew this kind of sweatshirt wasn't built to last but do you know what - it's my comfort sweatshirt that I have for slobbing in at home. It reminds me of a little cheapo H&M one I had few years back which was pilled to high heaven but I keep it for decorating - it's too comfy to get rid of. And despite the Topshop one not looking it's best, I still enjoy wearing it - the fit is spot on for me - some of them have been too short and boxy and just didn't flatter.

  2. Oh what a shame ... but absolutely vindicates your insistence on good quality fabrics! Love the bag you chose & the suede clutch is just gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous bag, I love the zip detailing and I love the fact that you can wear it across the body. Good price as well.

  4. Love this post - love your honesty. You still look great in it, even if it is tattered a little xxx


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