Sunday, 24 April 2016

Some Miu Miu, Marant & Chanel Sparkle

Keeping it short and sweet tonight with an image based post (plenty to ramble on about in my next post coming this week) plus I have an article I'm working on for someone so it has to be brief, sorry! However less to read and more to ogle over for you.  I was in London last month and popped to Miu Miu as they were sharing their new range.  One of my favourite brands who deliver style, class, luxury all in one hit so regardless of whether it's purse string friendly for you, indulge in a little escapism with these divine clothes!  Naturally I popped to a few other stores whilst on Bond Street - rude not to right?

Such simple detail that set's the piece off 
I came over all 'Carrie Bradshaw' when I saw these!
Love clashing prints and bold coloured fur
Those ballerinas! 
I adore a simple pattern on a jumper and the colour selection was perfect 
I like how the pattern is just ket to the top half so it's not over powering
Neutrals - a firm staple of mine!
I home in on anything with a heart on!
A few treats (and an extra bag for the children) however it was early and I had a cuppa instead of the champagne that was offered!
Sparkle Shoes!
And more!
I then headed to Isabel Marant as I love the simplicity of the store and I knew exactly where it was from my boot expedition I wanted to have a little nose. 

Tassels with a little colour pop, perfection
I have a collection of tops like this, white/off white/cream and floaty, they never fail to look good with a skinny jean
As Chanel was so close, I couldn't walk past without a look.  I dream of walking in and picking something randomly with no thought just love for the item, in the moment, there and then.  One day. 

Sweet Dreams! 

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