Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Two Of My Favourite Sale Buys

I had to change the title of this post as it included the forbidden word at this time of year (Christmas!) - yes I am that behind with blog posts at the moment but regardless of when I bought them, they were investment pieces so still worth sharing.  The jumper is by Rag & Bone and at £220 originally was hugely reduced to £49.95 in Harrods.  It has that 'worn' look so I wasn't 100% to start with as wondered if it did in fact look old and worn but I really liked the chunky knit and length so I took the plunge.  

I am so glad I did as I have honestly worn it so much.  It is one of my favourite jumpers at the moment, it's just very comfy and looks great with skinny jeans.  It still has that old worn look and probably more so as it's been worn and washed a lot but unless you are up close you don't really notice. 

So my big splurge with my Christmas and Birthday spends (Birthday is 9 days after Christmas - yes, the joy...!) were these Marant boots.  I saw them in the Selfridges sale, fell completely in love with them then spent a week hunting them down.  I tried everywhere, the Kurt Geiger outlet shop at Bicester who stock Marants, the internet - it had to be this specific colour/pattern, Selfridges, Harrods.  Everywhere accept the actual Marant shop it would seem!  Sometimes I even surprise myself at how simple I can be!  So when we were shopping in Westfield (remembered why we hadn't taken the then 3 year old shopping for a while) I left my hubby with the girls and dashed to the shop 20 mins away on the tube.

Now they come up small, just in case you are looking at Marant boots.  They are narrow but leather lined so stretch, even so I still had to go a whole size up.  My plan was to have a every day boot that was a little bit different.  I really wanted some Manolo's in the sale but I decided that even at half price I couldn't warrant it when they would probably get worn 2-3 times a year.  These were £400 down to £200 and my most expensive shoe yet.  I don't feel I have really gotten to grips with them yet.  I daren't wear them when it rains as I don't want to ruin the skin.  Once they've been broken in and softened more around the ankle I'm hoping to wear them with skirts in the Summer.  

I don't regret them, I love that they are different to any of my other flat boots and were hard to get hold of, so you don't see them on other people much but currently but I don't feel I'm giving them a fair go at the moment.  

PS If you are interested in the jumper it is the Camille Tunic and The Outnet currently have it in however it is £110 in the white and £119 in the grey.  I love the white so am going to keep an eye on it on the off chance it gets reduced to somewhere near what I paid for mine.  (Don't ever knock the Harrods sale - it's the best!). 


  1. Isn't it funny how we go round the houses and don't go to the most obvious places sometimes? But the boots are beautiful and I don't blame you for looking after them! And I will bear that in mind about Harrods sales - and you should know as you worked there.

    1. It was so random, honestly I felt a little stupid! The Summer sale (IMO) is definitely their best though x


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