Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Topshop Tops

I make no secret of the fact that I think Topshop have been on form recently, you only have to see my Instagram account to look at how many pictures include an item of theirs.  Armed with a voucher last month I took to their website for some inspiration in the top department.  I fancied a shirt and immediately this striped neck tie one stood out.  As a back up I also ordered a coloured one with a pretty bold print for me.  I liked it but wasn't 100% sure as I tend to wear more muted, subtle prints.  

Stripe Blouse £36
Star Shirt £38
As it turns out, the striped one was huge, shapeless and probably too far on the pale side.  It just did nothing for me which is such a shame as on the hanger it did look lovely (if not a little long).  

The star one had a beautiful navy trim which finished it off perfectly.  The fit was true to size and I actually liked the cheerful colour.  I am yet to properly christen it, it is more on the smart side and Euro Disney and the flu haven't really called for a smart look yet!  I am just hoping the voucher has gone on something that does have a place in my wardrobe as I do keep looking at it and questioning if it's too bright and flashy for me.  Time will tell!

They've also gone and brought out the above in a navy palm tree print which is just as gorgeous.  I will not be deterred though, going to stick with the more colourful one!
Palm Shirt £38
On the subject of Topshop tops I finally wore the one I bought at the start of the year.  I love the way it falls longer at the back and has a high neckline.  The print is the perfect ditsy floral size for me and the muted colours just what I like.  

Top & Jeans; Topshop
Clutch; Accessorize
Shoes; Zara
Ditsy Floral Blouse £36
I know Topshop can also have some high end fashion bits (and lots of crop tops!) but do make sure you have a browse. I'm the other side of 35 now and it still has pieces for me that I don't feel are too young on me!


  1. 35! Spring chicken. I didn't end up keeping the ditsy blouse (same as you) - I didn't think I'd get the wear out of it but I have to admit, it's a lovely little blouse. I'll be kicking myself next year thinking, I should have kept that!

    1. I said the other side of 35 - not my actual age (insert wink emoji which I don't have on the laptop!). x


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