Friday, 8 April 2016

Some New Look Beauties

Having had a little too much time to sit and browse this week (how much does the flu knock you for six?!?!) I felt like looking for some Spring inspiration for my wardrobe.  Lace is one of my all time favourites so I typed it into the search function at New Look.  I haven't shopped there for a while so fancied a little snoop. How stunning is this skirt below?

White lace midi skirt £24.99
Jumping straight to the opposite of the smart skirt above, this casual smock dress is the perfect throw on for the day when it gets warmer.  Such an easy style to wear - even with boots.

Smock dress £18.74 (currently on sale)
I have always looked at New Look for leather sandals.  Year after year they bring out a great range.  Am sure I've featured a pair every year I've written this blog.  I've even bought them in the Summer sales and popped them away for next Summer (as I type I remember the £7 black lace up leather pair currently awaiting our Summer!).  I love both the colours below.

Lace up sandals £22.99
Black leather sandals £22.99

I'll leave you with these - my favourite!  Suede, tan & tassels - a winning combination and the price isn't too bad either. 

Tassel suede sandals £14.50 


  1. I'll always have a soft spot for New Look, having worked for them for years, and I agree their leather shoes are great. Shame I can't get a 50% discount any more though! xx

    1. Ooooh now that was a good staff discount! A lot of companies aren't that generous! x

  2. The leather sandals are brilliant and a great price. I always forget about the shoes when I'm in NL but they look much more expensive than they are. Thanks for reminding me about NL


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