Friday, 1 April 2016

The Wool Coat Saga

I shared a Warehouse navy pea coat last year on here and was hanging on for it to be reduced further. Well that happened but then another one also rocked up when I was ordering it that I liked. Dilemma!  I ordered both then took to Instagram to ask for a little help, some good points raised but the majority were for the striped style.

However it was a plain coat I was after so I was struggling with letting the navy one go. I had pretty much given up on the camel coat search by this stage, I was going with what I'd seen, liked and fitted.  The navy one was £35 eventually and the stripe £50.  I took to eBay to sell a few items and decided (against the husbands advice that I really didn't need more coats - school runs need variety too you know!) to keep both.  £85 for two coats that both contained a good amount of wool felt like a pretty good deal.  

I wore the stripe one straight away, it was the perfect addition to a simple outfit.  

Bag; Prada (via Bicester Village)
Hat & gloves; Moschino (via TK Maxx)
Jumper; Boden
Jeans; Topshop
Necklace; gift
Jeans & Boots; Topshop
I have since grabbed it more than I thought I would.  It has fitted pretty well in to my wardrobe as the stripe makes it a smart casual coat rather than the dressier animal wool coat I have (a firm favourite of mine). 

The navy peacoat started off slowly but once I started wearing it that was it.  My only negative has been that as per someones advice on Instagram, it does show up the fluff.  However at £35 I can put up with that as the fit is lovely.  

My very own black panther of a cat - Rafa!
(It was a different day but yes, same jumper.  More on that in another post)
Jumper; Rag & Bone
Jeans; Topshop
Boots; Isabel Marant

This was the coat I was trying to 'replace' for want of a better word.  It is a very old Zara one I bought when I was working in Brussels.  At the time my mates thought I was nuts as animal print wasn't everywhere (we're talking over 5 years ago) but it's now a firm staple and is brought out season after season.  I wanted more wool ones to wear and so far, I'm pleased with the new additions.  The weather's been so up and down I still think I'll be wearing them for a while yet!

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