Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The Hush Camo Sweater

I did mention in my Topshop post that there was another sweater that came my way in January and this is it.  I bought the hush camo shorts last year and loved the print.  I then bought the Uniqlo camo sweater a while back to replace an old one as as much as I love it, my heart was still with the hush one.  So when it went down in the sale and I remembered I had a £10 voucher from a friend referral (definitely worth doing!) I ended up paying something silly like £18 for it.  

The camo colours on it are perfect, exactly what I was after however I did debate over it for a few days and was going to send it back as it has the whole bat wing arm thing going on.  I'm not usually a fan but when I pushed the sleeves up it seemed to work even better and the style felt more comfortable on. 

You can just about see it in the below shot that it's wider at the top of the arms where the print is but with the sleeves ruched up, it just becomes that comfy, slouchy jumper we are all after. 

Sadly it's no longer available (and I'm sorry for being so slack in sharing as it was in January I bought this in the sales).  However this print seems to be a staple for them so watch this space.  I will one day get the joggers too but miss them in my size every time they go into sale.  They currently have a blue colour in them for £45.

Camo jogger at hush £45 

Outtakes; Yes, it takes THIS many (and more) to get a half decent shot to share.  It's a pain that I was not born to pose naturally, I feel so awkward and most of the shots end up in the bin!  Thanks to the patient 9 year for taking them though.


  1. We have the same photo problems Natalie....if it wasn't for my 9 year everyday would be a mirror selfie day! Love a bit of Camo....the Hush one is fab, the colours are lovely for spring. You inspired me to drag my Gap one out again xx

    1. You just can't go wrong with a bit of camo can you! (or a 9 year old photographer....!) x

  2. Ha ha Love the outtakes! Same story here:) I love the shape of the camp jumper - looks wonderfully cosy and what a bargain price!

    1. Very cosy and pretty cool looking at the same time - result! x


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