Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Little Zara Round-up

I was in London last week for a few appointments and naturally popped into a few shops, Zara being one of them.  With no kids in tow or clients to shop for it was purely a browse for me - rare and unfortunately as normal, on a time limit but I snapped a few pieces that stood out.  I do love their coats, especially the 3/4 length light weight patterned ones.  They seem a staple now and I bought one last year whilst in Spain (so much cheaper in Spain, see here for the one I bagged).  However I don't think £69.99 is too unreasonable and I thought this would be a great everyday style.

Coat £69.99
If it's not a stripe, suede shoe or cashmere that I naturally gravitate towards then it's cream/off white tops!  I just think they are such a classic colour to have in your wardrobe.  Again, this seems to be a style that Zara bring out season after season in some variation.  I love the plainness of the first followed by some colour in the second one. 

Top £25.99
Top £25.99
Lastly, I like to always look at something that's not necessarily an item I would buy - it's good to push yourself out of your comfort zone, you never know what you may find!  Being a jeans person I do try to wear more skirts come the warmer months as I hate tights.  A pocket on a skirt is perfect for me as I like it to very relaxed and pretty casual.  This photo doesn't do the skirt justice.  It had a waffle texture and lovely side pockets.  

Navy skirt £29.99
Funnily enough I went to a Zara today but not in London as I was working with a client.  Very little jumped out at me and I saw only the coat from above.  Needless to say it is always worth checking other stores as they don't carry the same and it's great to see the clothes in the flesh if you can as it's far more inspiring than an online image.


  1. I've got a love and hate relationship with Zara, sometimes amazing bits but the quality can be ropes to say the least, I always keep my receipts. But I love the coat you spied. I haven't seen it in my local branch

    1. Yes I agree, sometimes I find loads and other times nothing. Been in there again last week and nothing at all and couldn't even see any of the above. x


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